Let It Go (Competition Winner!)

Three years after Nick and Judy put Bellwether behind bars, they're partners working for the ZPD. And after three years, Judy and Nick have been keeping the same secret from each other. Should they risk the consequences of telling one another the truth, or should they just let it go? Entry in the Battle of the Fandoms Competition 2016. Update: WINNER OF THE DISNEY/PIXAR DIVISION OF THE BATTLE OF THE FANDOMS COMPETITION 2016!!!!!


7. Update

I just found out that I won the Disney/Pixar Division of The Battle of The Fandoms Competition 2016 with this fanfic! Thanks so much to the judges and anyone who read, liked, favorited, and commented. I'll upload a picture of my prize when I get it. This is the first competition I've ever won on Movellas so I'm super excited!


Hannah WandArrow

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