Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


11. Useless

In the Pit

After not being able to find the female Tartarus decided two things. First that he had to take measures into his own hands and the other was to have Típota attack the Camp. This time he wanted to hurt them, one big attack while he looked. This attack would cripple the Camp and then the next would crush it. He called upon Athena and Típota. Típota appeared instantaneously, kneeling.

"Master." That was when Athena popped in and Típota stood, not trusting the Wisdom goddess. He hated her to his core and it showed in his stance. If it were not for Tartarus being there Athena would have been afraid. She knew he was more powerful than she was, but he would not attack her. Not without Tartarus's command and since they had made a deal it would not come to pass.

"You called," she said, still keeping an eye on Típota.

"Yes, since no one has yet found the being I seek I will take matters into my own hands." Típota was confused at this, he had no idea his master was searching for someone.

"Did you not want me to look," Típota asked. It was weird for his master to not send him, after he was his servant to do as Tartarus pleased. Tartarus waved him off.

"No, this is something I will do myself. What I want you to do is to attack the camp again. Athena I want you to tell Típota what you have been doing topside so he can plan to attack. Típota I want you to cripple them. Hurt them, from what I understand the top fighters are away right now. Even though the gods are there you can hold them back. Have the monsters take on the demigods while you make the gods useless to fight."

"I understand Master, but why do I need her?" Típota said her, like he was talking about trash as he glared at Athena. That's why he didn't realize that Tartarus had come to stand in front of him. Nor did he see the blade coming towards him. Típota gasped in pain as Tartarus's dagger impaled his shoulder.

"Do not question me," Tartarus hissed and pulled out the knife. Pain overwhelmed Típota's senses as he fell to his side. Even he could not totally block out the effects of the Pit Metal.

"What did you do to him," Athena asked as she watched Típota tremble with pain that flooded his every nerve. Tartarus smirked as he twirled his knife in his hand.

"My dagger is made out of Pit Metal, a type that can be only fashioned by myself. It causes a person to feel immense pain. A simple cut will you out for days and a stab, well it drives people mad with pain. They die from both. Típota here is the only exception I have found. He can survive the insanity and pain that causes others to die." Tartarus stepped forward bringing his knife close to Athena's cheek. "Do you want to try?" Fear was evident in her eyes as she looked at the knife.

"I don't think that will be wise," she finally said. Tartarus removed the knife away from her and shrugged.

"It looks like you will have to wait a day for Típota to recover, but that won't matter since time is not the same on both sides." With that Tartarus left to go look while Athena was left standing there with the barely conscious Típota.

At Camp a Little While Later

"Where is Athena," Poseidon grumbled. She was late for her teaching and it wasn't like her.

"I'm here," the goddess said as she appeared. "I thought I made a break through on the quest, but I came to a dead end. Time passed quicker than I thought." Poseidon didn't like her attitude as she brushed off being late.

"Time is important Athena, we do not know when Tartarus will strike next." Athena glared at him.

"I think the quest is important too." The demigods around them stood helpless as they watched to two gods argue.

"That's enough," Poseidon yelled after she had told him that he had no say in what she did. "Do your job!" He stomped away and if looks could kill he would have been dead as soon as he turned.

"My Lady," a daughter of Demeter started to ask only to be quieted by Athena's glare. That's when the horn went off. Athena looked at her class know that if they met again that there would be some that would be missing.

"Get your armor and get in position," Athena commanded, sentencing some for death. The demigods, having no idea did as instructed. Soon they all stood near Thalia's tree, some campers wondered why the enemy always came from that direction. Four Titans now stood with the enemy and more monsters than before. The demigods grew worried, their best fighters were gone, somewhere for Zeus. They felt a little more relieved as the gods appeared, that was until Típota entered the border again. It fell as he entered. There was no speech this time as he walked to the gods as the monsters and Titans headed for the demigods.

"Hades, Ares, Artemis, and I will go take care of the Titan's while you fight him," Poseidon said. Zeus was about to argue when Típota spoke up.

"None of you will leave from your spots." A sea green aura shimmered around him as he froze them using their ichor. The gods struggled to get out of the hold he had on them, but they were unsuccessful.

"What did you do to us," Artemis screeched at him.

"I have simply frozen your ichor so you can't move. You will all watch helplessly as your children are slaughtered." That is what the gods did, they watched in horror as the demigods fought the enemy. At the cost of several lives the Titans were finally taken care of and a third of the monster forces were turned to dust. Half of the demigods at the camp were now obliterated and that was when Típota decided that he had crippled them enough.

"Leave," his soft voice echoed through the battlefield. The monsters did as commanded and left the demigods to patch themselves up and take care of their dead. Típota turned back to the gods.

"Do not blame me for knowing our movements, blame your traitor." With that he disappeared. 

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