Broken Loyalty

The fight with Gaea is over. With her death so comes others', including the beloved daughter of Athena. With grief, Athena convinces the Olympians that Percy should be banished to Tartarus, a hell he barely escaped. He is thrown away.

Years pass and a new war begins. The very personification where they sent their Hero comes to fight the gods. Tartarus has not only an infinite army of monsters, but with him a powerful being by his side. The two together are too powerful for the gods and their children fight. What will happen to them?

I know this sounds kinda cliche, by there are twists.


9. Traitor

The Pit

Típota was resting, something that he wasn't allowed to do much, after all Tartarus loved to see others suffer. At the moment though, Tartarus knew that Típota had to be in top condition if he was to fight. As Típota slept a being, with the permission of Tartarus, appeared in his throne room. It was a woman in a grey cloak. As she pulled down her hood it revealed her face. In Tartarus's throne room stood a woman with long, dark, curly hair. Her demeanor was cold as her grey eyes looked like a frozen day, not like the stormy beauty they used to have.

"Athena what can I do for you," Tartarus asked the goddess, amused by her presence.

"I have come to make a deal."

"And what can you give me, what I don't already have?"

"A Prophecy." Tartarus grinned, this was indeed something that he wanted.

"What do you want in exchange for this prophecy?"

"Complete control of the gods. I do not care for what you do to Earth or the demigods. I want control of the gods and my freedom from you."

"Do your demigod children not matter to you?" Though he didn't really care he wanted to see what her answer would be.

"Not anymore. I only cared for one child, plus many have died in the past ten years. The few I have left I care not for."

"Why do you want to control the gods?"

"So I can do whatever I please with them." Tartarus understood that completely, control was one of the reasons he loved to torture people.

"I will give you the Olympians, the rest are mine to play with." Athena thought for a moment.

"Agreed. Swear it." Tartarus opened his mouth to swear on the Styx, but Athena interrupted. "Not on the Styx, but on your Father. Not even you can get away with that." He was slightly annoyed at this, not many knew about swearing on his father, an oath more unbreakable than the Styx. She was the Wisdom goddess though, so it made sense that she would know.

"Fine. I swear on my Father that if Athena gives me the full and true prophecy that I will in return give her freedom and control of the Olympians once I have won this war." Instead of thunder signifying the oath the ground shook instead, letting them know that it was true.

"Now for the prophecy?" Athena nodded.

"There is nothing to do but wait

He shall come to clean the slate

A Traitor among your midst

All because of one Who was missed

A spell that only the Golden might break

If she can a Hero she will again make

Olympus to Preserve or Raze

Again it is up to the Hero to Save."

"We have concluded that the one who will clean the slate is you, the traitor is of course me, but the other two are unknown." As he heard this Tartarus did not regret the deal that he just made. This was something that he needed to know, well the last half.

"I know who the would be 'Hero' is, but the "Golden' is a mystery." This statement made Athena thirst for the knowledge he had.

"Who is the would be 'Hero'?" Tartarus snapped his fingers and a being that she had seen twice appeared, Típota. Though he had been startled awake he immediately bowed knowing that the only one who would wake him would be his master.

"Master Tartarus." That's when he noticed Athena. He swiftly had one of his blades in his hand.

"Calm my pet. She is on our side now." He lowered his blade as Athena got a better look at him for the first time. He had jet black hair hung down to his shoulders and framed his face. A face that would be rather handsome if it weren't for his eyes. Eyes of the dead. He wore a simple black shirt and jeans, something that would be on a normal teenage boy.

"I do not like nor trust her." Tartarus chuckled.

"It is no wonder you do not." Athena glared at Típota.

"Whyt is that," she demanded. Típota's hand with his blade twitched, like he was preparing to strike.

"I would not antagonize him Athena. After all he would not be here if it weren't for you. I mean you did get the other gods to send him here." For the first time in years Athena was totally stumped, it couldn't be who she thought it was.

"Perseus Jackson," she breathed. Típota growled.

"That is not my name, no matter how many times people try to say it is. Perseus Jackson is dead."

"That's enough my pet," Tartarus said making Típota go statue like. With a wave of his hand Tartarus sent Típota back to his room.

"There you go, the would be 'Hero'."

"Why does he not look the same," Athena questioned. She had never heard of falling down here changing a person's appearance.

"Ah yes, a side effect really. I put a spell on him to make him loyal to me and me only. He cannot go against me. It did however, change his appearance. Something that did not bother me so I never tried to fix. That is not important now. What important is to find this 'Golden' female and all will fall before us."

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