Scourer of Sins

Between the lives of ordinary people and the underworld is a thin line. On this border work Guardians, Reapers and Scourers. Long time ago specific families made a pact with the other world and now their descendants are chosen to serve in one of three great corporations: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Would you like to come to our casting and get to know your fate?


4. Welcome to the Purgatory

“Saving... Get out of my way!” I pushed Chanyeol aside and attacked Ghoul with the lid of the dumpster. Really wise, when I think about it now.

Ghouls weren’t only distorted figures. They didn’t react to normal attacks either. As ‘normal’ I meant punches, and so on. The lid literally melted, when it reached Ghoul’s ‘body’. I tripped over my own legs and fell on my face, surprised.

“You idiot!” Chanyeol shrieked and slashed Ghoul’s body with something that reminded me of a... spear? “Your stupidity has no limits!?”

“What did I do!” I outraged. “And... And what the heck is that!?”

Chanyeol was holding a spear indeed. It has white handle with some golden writing, possibly in Hebrew, and long, sharp blade. I thought that he had that spear, because in a second it disappeared and I wasn’t sure if I didn’t hallucinate earlier. I was more dumbfounded than when Ghoul attacked.

“You’re okay, Hajun-ah?” Jihun asked, helping me get up.

“No, I’m not okay!” I burst out. I pointed to Chanyeol, who was looking at me like at some disgusting bug. “What is he doing here? And why are you with him!?”

“Calm down and let’s go to the Purgatory. You need to register!”

“Bullshit!” I stepped back from him. “How this register thing will help me? I heard a lot of lies today and I’m haunted by creepy monsters!”

That’s why,” Chanyeol growled. “Be thankful to that guy.” He pointed to Jihun. “If it wasn’t for him, you would be dead already.”

“What –?”

“He broke the rule and went after you! Reapers shouldn’t help Guardians or Scourers! They have very strict code and if you did know that, you wouldn’t make trouble.” Chanyeol snorted. “As always, anyway.”

“Why are you still –!”

Jihun grabbed my arms.

“If you don’t register soon, Ghouls will hunt you again!”

“Then I’ll wait in this corporation till they go away!”

“And that’ll be, I don’t know, forever?” Chanyeol said sarcastically.

“You can’t do that either,” Jihun said, glancing at Chanyeol grimly. “If you stay in the corporation, no matter in which one, you’ll... have problems.”

“What kind?” I raised my eyebrows.

“You’ll be imprisoned? In the worst case dead... But be positive!” Jihun added quickly, seeing my face. “Hell’s prison isn’t that bad... so I heard.”

“Hell’s prison,” I said through teeth. “Are you hearing yourself? Isn’t Hell’s prison the same as being in real Hell, burning alive?”

“That’s the myth!” Jihun laughed, but stopped immediately, when I stiffened, angry. “Anyway, we can’t stay here.”

“Oh, yes we can!” I shouted and turned around, but in a second I froze. “But on the other hand...” I muttered and jumped behind them. I pushed Chanyeol. “Lead the way, clown.”

“Are you making fun of my uniform!?”

“Not really. You’re clown even without it. Now, will you do something, or... ?”

Chanyeol screamed with anger and I thought that he’ll attack me, but he turned around and reached inside the jacket. Then I saw a light and the spear appeared in his hand.

“I knew it!” I gasped, as Jihun grabbed my head and made me to dodge. The wall behind us disappeared, as if something invisible ate it.

“We’ll go ahead,” Jihun said to Chanyeol, who nodded.

“What?” I frowned. “Why would we –”

“Hold on tight!” Jihun said, grabbing me around my waist.

Suddenly everything went black and I felt like someone pushed me to the washing machine. When all the dizziness stopped, I landed awkwardly on something hard and the darkness around me disappeared. I stood up quickly and grabbed Jihun’s shirt.

“What the heck, Ji –” I covered my mouth and staggered. “I feel sick...”

“It’s alright, it was your first time after all. Sit down.”

I sat on something cozy. Then nice smell reached me and calmed me down at once. It wasn’t Hell, the atmosphere was somehow different. I opened my eyes and opened my mouth too, in shock.

We were in some kind of living room. Everything was in shades of gray. I was sitting on a sofa indeed, around me there were two more sofas, and in the center was lone table with a symbol of a handprint on the top. Behind me there were stairs on both sides of room, leading to the balcony, behind which was a corridor. On the balcony was this handprint symbol too.

The atmosphere was really different. Somehow I felt that I could relax here.

“Where are we?” I croaked. My throat was strangely sore.

“Purgatory. Are you feeling better?”

“Better? I feel great! Why?”

Jihun smiled.

“It’s because you’re part of this place now. You feel at ease here. If you want to feel better, go to the registry.”

“Are you trying to manipulate me?”


“You sneaky bastard...” I looked carefully at him. “What did you do? To transport us here?”

“It was Reaper’s special ability. You’ll learn details later, but I’ll tell you this. Every position, Guardian, Reaper and Scourer, has its own weapon. I told you that only Scourers fight Ghouls, however we have to defend ourselves against them, because transporting souls is always risky. My ability is to teleport through the murk. I take my weapon from the murk too.”

“Wait, then Park...”

“Yes, he’s one of us. He became the Guardian, soon after you ran away.”

“I didn’t run away...” I grumbled.

Jihun ignored my comment and continued, “Guardians call their weapon from the light. I can’t tell you more about them, it’s forbidden.” He sighed. “I’m doomed anyway for breaking the rule.”

I felt guilt.

“Will you be okay?” I asked. “What they’ll do to you?”

Jihun shrugged.

“I work for them since last summer. They can’t kill me, so don’t worry.”

“That didn’t comfort me at all, you know?”

Jihun smiled and wanted to say more, when he widened his eyes, looking at something behind me.

Then I felt sudden cold, when wrinkled hand grabbed my arm tightly.

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