Scourer of Sins

Between the lives of ordinary people and the underworld is a thin line. On this border work Guardians, Reapers and Scourers. Long time ago specific families made a pact with the other world and now their descendants are chosen to serve in one of three great corporations: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Would you like to come to our casting and get to know your fate?


8. Two hundred years old stamina

Master Hong’s last words echoed in my ears all day. It was irritating, because I had to concentrate on my so called training, and these words were only taking my thoughts elsewhere.

After our conversation in Master’s room, we went to a great hall, where I hoped to go earlier. It turned out that it was training hall. Inside was so awesome, that I looked around with open mouth and almost again got hit, this time by a flying, metal disc. Beside one middle-aged guy in gray tracksuit, I saw two people in white tracksuit and three in black tracksuit. I ran to Master Hong, who was waiting for me in the corner.

“It’s your first training, so we’ll talk about the basics,” he said, ordering me to sit down. “As you see, some other protectors also come here to train. Here it’s more spacious for them, if they don’t like crowds, which are in their corporations.”

“They can do that? You don’t have magic shields, or security?”

“They have to register though.”

“Is that so? That explains why it’s so few of them.”

Master Hong ignored my comment and continued, “All protectors have a weapon. We need it to fight the Ghouls. Guardians and Reapers use it to defend themselves. However, we have a few situations, where Guardian teamed up with a Scourer and had an active duty.”

“And Reapers?”

“Never. I remind you about their strict code.”

“Why they have this code and Guardians don’t? It’s weird.”

“We all have the same goal, but have different rules and type of living. We can’t intervene in the lives of others. Anyway, as you might have seen, Guardian’s weapon comes from the light. Its shape is usually different for each wielder, but it has always something to do with a spear. And Reapers are using a scythe.”

“A scythe? Really?” Somehow I couldn’t imagine Jihun with a scythe. “Like in stories.”

“Similar. It can change shape too, depending on its wielder’s abilities and personality. Scourers are... different. Our weapon isn’t one type. It takes individual shape.”

“Like what?”

Master Hong stretched out his hand and focused. Then a grayish bubble came out of his hand and suddenly burst. Now Master Hong was wielding a katana.

“Awesome,” I gasped. “Do I have a katana too?”

“No. I just explained to you that we’re different. Look.” He pointed his katana to a Scourer, who was practicing with a Reaper. He was wielding a big hammer like Thor. “His weapon isn’t even similar to mine.”

“So...” I got excited. “We can have whatever we want?”

“Wrong. Whatever our power chooses.”

“What? Boring.”

“Now, let’s get started.”

According to Master Hong, I had to be really tired to bring out my weapon. I was disappointed that we couldn’t communicate with our power and choose a weapon ourselves. We started slowly, from dodging and boxing basics. Then I thought that Master Hong gone mad, because he suddenly became a tiny bullet.

Remember when I was making fun of his height and age? Forget it and take me as an idiot. His moves were smooth and so fast, that I had bruises all over my body after only five minutes. After ten minutes I was so exhausted, that my body couldn’t move and I lay on a floor.

“It... doesn’t... work...” I panted.

“We aren’t there yet.”

“I’m beat, old man! You want more? How can a two hundred years old geezer be so strong and fast!?”

“I’m only one hundred and four,” he corrected me.

Well, I was close.

“That doesn’t change my question. How can you be like that?”

“Years of training and experience, little brat. You’ll be lucky if you survive the next five years.”

“You need to work on comforting people,” I stated and wanted to sit, but all of a sudden metal discs dug into the wall, just above my head. A handful of my hair fell to the floor. I looked around stiffened. Nobody was paying attention to me, so who was that!?

Then I heard a strange sound and on the other side of the hall in a wall appeared a small window. There I saw another bunch of dreadful discs.

“Ah, I forgot to tell you,” Master Hong said. His katana disappeared with a bursting bubble sound. “If you want your weapon to appear for the first time, besides being tired you have to be in danger. Best to be deadly danger.”

A little detail, I thought angered. The sound of a window opening changed to the spinning sound. Before I realized, three discs were right in front of my face. I couldn’t think of anything else, so I covered my face with hands.

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