Scourer of Sins

Between the lives of ordinary people and the underworld is a thin line. On this border work Guardians, Reapers and Scourers. Long time ago specific families made a pact with the other world and now their descendants are chosen to serve in one of three great corporations: Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. Would you like to come to our casting and get to know your fate?


9. Birth of a Terminator Wolverine

I stayed like that for at least two minutes, before I realized I wasn’t cut into pieces. I thought that Master Hong protected me, because there was some shadow in front of me. I opened my eyes hesitantly and almost choked with shock.

I protected myself. With a metal glove. Cool, slate metal glove. When I looked at it with opened mouth, the shield, which stopped the discs, hid itself into the glove. I watched it fascinated and terrified at the same time. How this big, hard shield went into this medium sized glove anyway?

“That’s interesting,” I heard and looked around.

Master Hong was near the exit (I was sure he was about to run away instead of helping me). He was smiling, but at the same time was pale. Did I miss something?

“Not interesting at all!!” I heard another, familiar voice.

On the other side of the training hall was standing Jihun in a pose, as if he was about to teleport in the murk and run away too, and next to him was Chanyeol in his funny white suit, that now was a little messed up. For my surprise, there was no one else in the hall, besides those three and me. I could have sworn there were others training…

“What are you doing?” I asked, getting up. Strangely I felt lighter than before. The glove wasn’t heavy and kind of comfortable too.

“What am I doing!?” Chanyeol outraged.

Only now I saw his jacket was nailed to the wall by discs. My shield must have bounced the discs and Chanyeol was unlucky enough to stand there.

“How this happened?” I asked innocently.

“Don’t start with me, I’m warning you.”

“Ah, right. You have this scary spear. I’m really sorry, Mr. Guardian.”

“You –!”

“Great!” Master Hong suddenly shouted, appearing between us like a ghost. “You can go now.”

“Go where?” I asked.

“Your power recognized you and chose a suitable weapon for you. Now you are the true Scourer.”

“Thanks, but I don’t know why and where I should go.”

“You need to train and I can’t teach you everything,” Master Hong explained.

I looked at him suspiciously. “Aren’t you just trying to get rid of me?”

“No,” Master Hong replied, but avoided my eyes.

“Let’s go, there is no time,” Jihun said, patting my arm.

“For what?” I growled. “I’m not going anywhere until I know the reason!”

Master Hong exchanged looks with Jihun and Chanyeol, and pushed me toward them. Jihun wrapped his hand around my waist and we disappeared into the murk.

“ – stupid, old, crazy grandpa!!” I shouted the end of the sentence, which I began during the teleportation, but I regretted it right away, when my stomach began to hurt. “Oh man…”

I touched my stomach, but I felt something strange. I straightened violently, checking myself confused. “What the heck!?” I shouted.

I wasn’t wearing my blouse with Lord of the Rings, jeans, and white sneakers but black pants (similar to the jeans, but more elastic), grey shirt with handprint symbol, and grey leather coat.

“Your uniform,” Jihun said. “It appears automatically when your power recognizes you. It may seem we’re some cosplayers, but these uniforms protects us to some extent from Ghouls’ attacks and the other world’s atmosphere. It’s the same with my and Chanyeol’s clothes.”

“Hey, don’t talk to me so casually!” Chanyeol said angrily, pocking Jihun’s chest with a finger.

“Don’t talk to him at all,” I warned Chanyeol, pushing him. “Right, what are we doing here?” I turned to Jihun and Chanyeol was ignored again, which dumbfounded him.

“Your first mission,” Jihun said. “Because you’re new and important to corporations as a Scourer, I’m here to control your task. It’s your first mission too,” he said to Chanyeol, who was still feeling offended.

“Wait… my first mission!?” I gasped. “But doesn’t that mean I have to fight Ghouls!?”


“And how do you think I do this, if I don’t know about them anything and how to fight them?”

“You just punch them with your brilliant metal gypsum,” Chanyeol growled.

“It isn’t a gypsum,” I outraged. “Besides –, hey, where is it?” My glove disappeared. I moved my fingers and thought about it, but with no luck.

“It needs stronger desire,” Jihun stated. “You’ll learn to control this soon, don’t worry.”

“Will it be after I got eaten, or before?” Suddenly I got goosebumps, but ignored that weird feeling.

“Anyway,” Jihun answered but not to my question. “We’re in Busan.”

“Busan? Wow, did you transport us here? You’re awesome.” I scratched my neck in irritation.

“Reapers’ power has limits, but I can teleport through South Korea.”

“Are you done with your chit-chat, or –” Chanyeol began but something interrupted him.

The Ghoul emerged from the street, where we were standing. I jumped away surprised, automatically kicking it in the shapeless head but I missed. We moved back and observed the Ghoul almost with fascination, as it was changing its shape every second in something different.

“Ah,” I remembered something. I touched my neck. “I think I felt its presence earlier.”

“Earlier means when?”

“A few seconds ago?”

“And you didn’t tell us!?” Chanyeol got angry. Getting this angry so often will make him ugly soon.

“How should I know it was this feeling!? I’m not some Ghoul-GPS!”

When I saw the Ghoul for the first time, I thought they were naturally ugly creatures, but there was more to that. They were just disgusting. Even if I wanted to look at them closely, I couldn’t, because I felt nauseous.

“It’s normal,” I heard Jihun and look at him. He and Chanyeol were staring at the Ghoul but when I looked carefully, they were actually staring at the ground near the creature. “Ghouls are filled with humans worst emotions and defects. You can’t look at them directly for long. Well, you could if you weren’t human anymore.”

“I’m happy I’m still human,” I admitted and folded my hands as if in prayer, closing tightly my eyes.

“I hope you’re not counting on us to save your butt again?” Chanyeol asked.

“Play with it until I’ll figure out how to pull out the weapon,” I said.

“We can’t do this forever though,” Chanyeol grumbled but did as I said.

While they were occupied with the Ghoul, I tried to remember the feeling when I got almost killed at the training hall. When my stomach and heart finally got the right feeling, I opened my eyes and gave out a battle cry, pointing the glove toward the Ghoul.

However, I froze in a moment. What this glove could do anyway? Was it only an useless shield?

My inner question was answered right away, when I thought about the offensive attack. From the back of the glove suddenly a piece of sharp thing fired. I opened my mouth to warn others, but too late. Thankfully, Jihun and Chanyeol moved away quickly and the sharp thing cut Ghoul’s ‘face’. The Ghoul gave out a terrible squeak and staggered. The attack wasn’t satisfying, but at least I grazed him. I looked closer to the sharp thing and recognized a blade. I glanced at my glove. AWESOME.

“Can you think before you fire something like that!?” Chanyeol shrieked. “You almost killed us!!”

“Sorry about that,” I said, not really listening to him. I tried something and thought about the blades, but not in order to fire them. In a moment from the back of the glove came out three blades. “Nice,” I gasped.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Terminator Wolverine Moon. Okay, awful nickname, forget it. But you could imagine how I looked now, right?

Without much thinking I threw myself at the Ghoul and cut him into pieces in a few seconds. It was really great feeling – fighting with something you could destroy completely. I may have seemed as a terrible person to you, but I would never kill a human. Okay, I could hurt him badly if he would try to kill me, but that doesn’t count. It would be a self-defense.

Back to the main topic. I defeated the Ghoul rather quickly, which surprise me no less than Jihun and Chanyeol.

“Couldn’t you do this earlier?” Chanyeol asked as thanks.

“It’s not over,” Jihun said.

“It isn’t?” I looked at the Ghoul. Its pieces were still moving. Gross…

Suddenly Jihun grabbed my arms, saying, “Don’t move.”

“What? What are you –”

Out of nowhere my eyes started to feel hot, Ghoul’s parts rose above the ground and attacked me. I screamed shocked, but Jihun was holding me tightly. When the pieces were just before my face, they didn’t slap or cut me, but ‘went into’ my eyes.

And it seemed that now it was over. There was no trace after the Ghoul. I turned around to Jihun violently, grabbing him by his coat.

“What the hell, Jihun!?” I outraged. “What did you do!”

“It’s because of your profession,” Jihun explained. “It’s Scourers’ special ability. I thought Master Hong told you about it.”

Right, he mentioned something indeed, but this kind of thing is –

“There is more!” Chanyeol screamed, pointing to the other street.

“That wasn’t part of our mission!” Jihun hissed and wanted to take me aside, but my legs didn’t move. “Hajun-ah… !?”

Suddenly Jihun’s worried and Chanyeol’s funny faces got blurred and I blacked out.

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