Roland Hayes

I whispered to the boy sitting next to me,"You are not the type of person I wanted to fall love with."
"Nor are you the one one I thought I would love"
" I should break it off with him I think, I can't I love him but a a brother it would kill him inside."
"so you would rather be with some cheating loser who treats you like nothing than be with me and be a queen" he questioned raising his voice slightly.
"No that's not what I'm saying"
He stood off and slowly walked off and when he reached the door way he turned around and whispered," it's exactly what your saying Hun you just don't understand yourself."
I could see the pain in his blue eyes as he turned and left with the door slamming behind him.


1. Quick note


If this stories future updates offend or trigger you in any way I apologize.

I would like to tell you that if you enjoy this story in the future I would suggest reading it on Wattpad (same name Roland Hayes) as there will be more updates more frequently than on Movellas. Thank-you for cooperation.

-Cashmere (spaghetti_limbs)

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