the first story in hopefully a series please tell me what you think of it.


3. ch. 2

 Its lunch time now and Sophie is eating with her friends Kate and Alison suddenly Sophie heard that bell sound again from when she saw that sapphire butterfly except stronger she quickly turned around and caught a glimpse of it.

"Wow so it was real." She sunk down in her seat mesmerized 

"So whats real?" Kate asked Alison just gave her a blank stare.

"Y-you didn`t see it?" Sophie knew she wasn`t imagining it.

"See what?" Sophie went up to the teacher asked him if she could go home because she wasn`t feeling well he nodded and she left she ran into the park why did i come here she wondered somehow she knew the butterfly was there and it was as soon as she saw it she ran after it into the forbidden forest without even thinking soon she came across a huge blue gem and the butterfly landed on her headband then she heard growling and 6 wolves appeared out of the woods.

" Don`t worry i`ll save you!" a young mans voice says suddenly a 16 year old boy comes swinging on a vine he has tan skin red hair and brown eyes he is wearing a T-shirt mostly white and the sleeves and collar are blue he is also wearing camo pants a black belt and black tennis shoes. "You ok?"


"Whats wrong?"

"Who... are you?"

"Now`s not really a good time to be asking questions!" the wolves inch closer mouths foaming.

"What now?"

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