Friendly Enemies

Sierra is finally doing something she had been dreading to do... Going away for college. Most people like going away, but she doesn't. All she has been doing is looking on the bright side! At least she doesn't have to have a roommate.


1. You're Kidding Right?

I open my car door and slowly walk out the car. The air blew on me, which caused my hair to fly. I slowly lifted up my shades and planted a small smirk on my face. As I now notice how dramatic I'm being I turn around and get my purse and make my way to the office inside.


As I was walking I bumped into a soft figure. She had long brown hair and a model body. She was taller than me, but I wasn't too surprised because I'm short for my age... 5'3 in college....


"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry" I said while bending down to pick up her bag.


"Its okay" she says as she giggles at how scared I got.


Thank goodness it wasn't someone else who would've gave me a good sucker punch or a slap right to the face.


"Here" I said as I passed her the bag.


"Thanks. Oh I'm Sasha by the way."


"I'm Sierra. Wanna walk to the rooms together ?"


"Yes please!"


We both walked up to the office desk to ask for our keys to our dorms.



"Here you go Sierra, 201. And here you go Sasha 202" the desk clerk said.


"Thank you" me and Sasha said in sync.


We both walked away and went straight towards the stairs because why wait for the elevator when we are only on second floor?


"Isn't that so cool how we live right next door to each other" Sasha said with excitement.

"Omg yea. I was just thinking that"


We opened the door to exit the staircase and right when we got there...BOOM! The hottest boy I have ever seen in my life! OK there is seriously something wrong with me !


Next thing you know all I see is Sasha run up to him.


"OMG WE ARE ON THE SAME FLOOR" she said as she ran into his arms.


"Ha cool." He said with his chill calm voice, while returning the hug.


Since Sasha practicaly left me for her boyfriend I just decided to go along with it. So I walked up to them with a small smile on my face.


"Oh I totally forgot. Seth this is Sierra I just met her. Sierra this is my brother Seth.


Ohhhh its her brotherrrr. Whoops.


"Hi" I said to him, before I caught him looking up and down my short body.


"um HELLO! Seth she said hi!" Sasha yelled.


"Oh I'm sorry . Hi" he replied.


I didn't respond I just gave another small smirk even though I was kind of weirded out by the fact that he couldn't even say hi before checking me out.


"Anyways, what room are you in ?" Sasha asked while shaking her head.


"Uhhh let me see" he says as he pulls the keys out of his pocket.


"Uhhhhh, 201" he replied.


"WHAT? NOO" I shouted.


They both raised an eyebrow at me after I basically yelled.


"I specifically told them I don't want a roommate!!" I yelled again.


"Oh yea Sierra has room 201 too!" Sasha said with a huge grin.


"Sorry Sunshine, we can't always get what we want." He said with an evil grin.


"This is unbelievable" I said while shaking my head.


"Anyways I got to go meet my roommate guys. I'll catch you later " Sasha said while turning around before I got to reply.


I can't believe they totally ignored my request and gave me a roommate.




"Christmas lights ?"


"Its not christmas lights... And mind your business." I replied to Seth while he was watching me decorate my side of the dorm.


"Aggressive much?"


"Annoying much?"


"Sierra why do you hate me?"


"Hmm I don't know maybe because you were totally checking me out before even saying hi back fboy"


"Sorry what did you want me to do, you've got the good looks" He replied and I could hear the smirk in his sentence.


"Yea, well you don't." I said with a straight face.


"We both know that's not true Sierra.






For the last five minutes I have been struggling putting these lights around my wall because it was so tall and I was so short.


"Need help ?" Seth asked while breaking the silence, it was good while it lasted.




After I said that I could hear him get up and walk towards me.


"I said n--"


Before I could finish my sentence I felt hands on my waist and all of a sudden I couldn't feel the ground.


"What the hell! Put me down !" I shouted.


"I'm helping. Now put it up"


"Seth you have three seconds to put me down or you'll feel sorry" I shouted once again.


"What are you gonna do about it ?" he said with a raised eyebrow


When he asked me this it was silent because honestly I didn't know. He was two times my height so I didn't have a lot of options.


"Exactly" he said while lifting me higher to put the lights up.


"Now finish " he said.


At this point I just gave up and finished putting the lights up because there was nothing I could really do.


After about two minutes it was done and I was ready to get down.


"I'm finished, put me down" I said with a attitude.


"About time" he said with a sigh


He put me down and walked back over to his bed.


"Shut up asswipe" I said while unlocking my phone.


"What did you just call me"


"I don't recall stuttering" I said with sass.


"Sierra you better take that back."


"Or what?"


After I said this he hopped up and walked over to my side. I was scared because I didn't know what was about to happen. I should've just stayed quite.







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