The Imagine Story


3. Chapter Three

    Louis was driving, Lauren sat in the passenger, everyone else, Teliyah, Zayn, Allison, and Harry sat in the backseat. The other members, Niall and Liam, took a seperate car to the hotel Lauren, Allison, and Teliyah were staying in. The drive was a little over an hour long, but it was completely worth the wait when they pulled into a long concrete driveway lined with palm trees on each side, leading up to their final destination.


    Lauren was awestruck looking out the window of the view and beauty of the scenery. Upon the ocean viewed cliff, lay a ginormous, breathtaking mansion, that you’d think only belonged in fantasies. By now Lauren was for sure this was all just a dream well… besides her friend getting shot, and the other friend unconsciously sitting in Zayn’s lap from the backseat. Lauren turned to look at her friends, but accidentally caught eyes with Zayn and immediately turned back around in her seat to find the car parked and Louis holding the door open for her.


    Lauren stepped out and stood by Louis’ side to wait as Niall and Liam took Allison from Harry who followed their path towards the door of the mansion. Everyone then follows and enters the home. Lauren first spots a beautiful, glistening, chandelier and open living room.  Behind the flat screen TV was a bright kitchen and a nicely lit dining room. To the right, behind the grey sofas were amazing tall windows that have a view of their pool and Beach. On the opposite end of  the windows were a large flight of stairs going up and on the side of the windows was another flight of stairs leading down.


    As good of a moment as this was for Lauren and what her eyes unbelievably saw, Niall and Liam came running pass Lauren at the front of the door with Allison, Harry at their heels. They waited by the couch, both holding Allison carefully, their arms tense, as Harry rapidly threw together towels for her to lie on between her and couch cushions. They laid Allison down cautiously on the couch and stacked pillows high to support her leg. As this was happening, Louis had wrapped his arms around Lauren which she allowed him to do, and Teliyah was also being laid down on another couch.


    “ Will they be okay? ” Lauren asked Niall. “ Teliyah should be in a couple days, Liam can you go get an ice pack for her? But Allison will take weeks to heal maybe months, uh… I’ve gotta call a doctor or something really quick… Do you have anyone that you need to call? ”


    “ Oh Yeah, that will be a good idea… is it okay if when I call my other couple friends if they can stay here? ”


    “ Sure. ” said Louis with a smile, letting go of Lauren. Niall then takes his phone out and starts to dial a number, the doctor, then goes outside when the phone call starts.


    Lauren takes her phone out as well. Her face becomes hot because when she turned her phone on, the screen lock was Louis. Louis chuckled, but Lauren hurriedly put in her password to open her phone to a wallpaper of her and her friends. She goes to the phone app and pressed the button labeled Belle while it was ringing Lauren added another person to the call labeled Marisol and a person said, “ Hai! This is Belle, what’s up Lauren? ” then the next person, Marisol, said, “ Marisol… Hey Lauren, ” Lauren said, “ Belle and Marisol, this is a three way call, ”


“ Okay, ” they said in unison.

“ Alright, so you know that Me, Teliyah, and Allison went to Florida, ”

“ Yeah… ” Belle said

“ Yeah well, there were shootings and Allison got shot and Teliyah-- ”

“ Oh my Gosh, is she okay? ” Marisol asked obviously worried

“ Let her finish ” Belle said

“ Okay, so anyways Allison got shot in the knee and Teliyah fell and hit her head, this is all bad news but I also have good news. ”

“ Mkay(Okay), what’s the good news? ” Belle and Marisol questioned

“ The good news is that [Lauren walks into the dining room away from everyone for the moment] I am in ONE DIRECTIONS’ HOUSE AND OMG ITS SO COOL! ”

“ Cool ” Marisol said. Belle said nothing but made the sound “ hm ”

“ So now you all are invited to come here, ” Lauren said quickly

“ I’m on it, ooo Marisol these tickets--, ” Lauren and Marisol here some typing and clicking

“ one way, from St. Louis to Florida, are a super good price. I’m buying two, one for me and one for you. ”

    Lauren walks into the kitchen where Liam is getting an ice-pack and cooking a simple soup for Teliyah.

“Alright good, See ya’ll soon. ”

“ Okay Bye, ” Marisol and Belle said.


    “ Liam, I can take the ice-pack and soup to Teliyah if you want me to. ” Lauren considered.

    “ Um, sure, here ” Liam gave Lauren the ice-pack, “ But I’ll bring the soup, ”


    Lauren walks back into the main room, the boys’ den and sees that Teliyah is sitting up with her eyes closed. Zayn is standing behind the couch that Teliyah is sitting on looking at Teliyah facial features, Harry is crouched next to Allison holding her hand while Niall, according to Harry, was waiting outside for the doctor. Lauren goes up to Teliyah and puts her hand on Teliyah’s shoulder, with Liam behind her, to help her come back to consciousness. Teliyah opens her eyes and Liam starts to give Teliyah the soup, but Zayn takes it and starts to spoon feed Teliyah.


    He let’s Zayn take the soup, and Lauren sets the ice-pack on the coffee table. She glances at Allison who was still laying on the couch but is starting to stir.


    Lauren walked towards the single couch chair, sits down, and takes her phone out. She didn’t realize that is was 12:47 am or that she had been put in a group chat with Belle and Marisol so her phone was bombarded with at least 60 notifications. After skimming through the messages she was informed that Marisol and Belle will get in Florida at around 7 pm. Lauren also sent them the location in which the One Direction boys’ house was.

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