The Imagine Story


7. Chapter Seven


    The next morning, Teliyah wakes with the memory of last night with a smile on her face. She turns to her right to see Zayn sound asleep, and decides to let him sleep. She turns back around to her left and picked up her phone. It was 9:05 am and she heard bustling downstairs.


Teliyah decided to get up and dress, Zayn started to stir but did not wake until Teliyah was finished getting dressed. Afterward Zayn wakes up and gets half dressed while Teliyah is in the bathroom. When Teliyah leaves the bathroom, Zayn stops Teliyah in her track and takes her by her waist, she wraps her hands around his neck, and they kiss briefly.


They separate and Teliyah says, “ I’m going downstairs, see you in a minute? ”

“ Uh, yeah. ” replied Zayn picking out a shirt from his dresser.


Meanwhile downstairs, Belle was putting the finishing touches on the dining room table that was full of breakfast foods, and Teliyah and Marisol walk down the mansion stairs, Teliyah talking to Marisol about last night. The breakfast aroma traveled from downstairs to upstairs and everyone started to come down the steps.


“ Belle, what is this? ” Louis said pulling out a chair for Lauren.

“ I just wanted to say thank you for letting us all stay for Allison’s recovery ”

“ No problem, you all are welcome anytime ” Louis replied


Zayn appears next to Teliyah and takes her hand ushering her to a chair. Niall sits down next to an empty chair, and Marisol decides to take a seat next to him. Harry and Allison comes wobbling in with crutches while Harry pulls a seat out for her also.


They ate the breakfast and Marisol and Niall really hit it off. Marisol was giggling a lot and Niall was laughing. The whole group discussion though, was about Allison and her recovery. They asked if she was strong enough to enjoy a party entitled to her. Allison replied with a yes and so Belle and Lauren began to plan a party very quickly since today was a Friday and everyone knows the best parties are on Friday.

That night, Belle, Lauren, Marisol, Niall, Liam, and Louis set-up for the party. Louis had found a disco ball in a closet downstairs and hung it from the chandelier in the middle of the living room. They all had to decide what they wanted to do for music. Marisol, Lauren, Niall, Louis called and booked music and dj’s, caterers, and bought decorations. Belle and Liam were left to clean up the living room.


“ Do you like music? ” Liam asked Belle while he was clearing the piano.

“ Uh, yeah. I like music, ” Belle replied. Liam then started to play the piano. “ Oh! I know that song. Um, ” She walks to the piano, “ It has a second part, here. ”


Belle sits next to Liam and begins to play with him. Everyone who was in the kitchen peered through the door and smiled. The song was near to finishing, and Belle knew what the end was. She was going to let it happen. Belle and Liam touched hands when they both had to play the same last note. They together looked up at each other and smiled. They laughed together too.


“ Anyways,... Let’s finish cleaning, ” Belle said partially laughing not aware of Lauren and everyone else watching.

“ Okay, ” Liam replied just the same as Belle.

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