The Imagine Story


1. Chapter One

“Hurry the h*** up Lauren, we’re gonna be late!”Allison shouted, while clinging to the hotel door knob.


“I’m trying to hurry, but my hair just… won’t… straighten!” Lauren shouted back to Allison in frustration.


“Are you even finished Teliyah?!” Allison screamed clearly agitated.

“Yeah, just trying to help Lauren!” Teliyah yelled back while watching a One Direction documentary. Lauren finally gets done straightening her hair, and makes her way to the door, Teliyah at her heels. The three girls decided on T-shirt and jeans for the concert.


Lauren was driving their rental to the One Direction concert with Allison in the Passenger and Teliyah touching up her lipstick  in the back. Obviously they were super excited, “OMG I can’t wait!!! Lauren you are so lucky to get to go for you BIRTHDAY” Squealed Teliyah.  “Yeah… but are we almost there?” Allison whined



When they got there, they entered the arena, hearts pounding out of their chests due to all the cheering fans and excitement. “Wow, I can’t believe this is happening right now!” Allison yelled over the crowd, glowing. “I know right!” Teliyah and Lauren yelled together. They then were chattering amongst themselves when THEIR song comes on,“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me, but bare this in mind it was meant to be and I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sense to me.”


The three girls sang along with Zayn Malik. Louis is finishing up his verse when Harry starts to sing,“I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape--” sang Harry, but then he gets cut off when the whole arena hears two gunshots in the distance.


“Everybody get down!” Harry yelled and spots a gleam of red/brown hair ducking out the exit first with something silver.


The three friends started to panic. Directioners started running left, right, and center. Eventually, they all got split up, but close to the  stage,“I’m not getting shot up TODAY!” screamed a panicky Teliyah as she ran away from the sound. “Oh My Gosh!” Lauren yelled as she got trampled by a fan. Louis was heading backstage when Lauren’s necklace flew off and hit him in the arm and notice that she had been knocked down.


Louis had then put the necklace in his pocket and jumped off the stage. He hurried to Lauren’s side and asked,“Are you alright, love?” Louis asked Lauren. “Yeah, but my back hurts a bit.” Louis then picked Lauren up, bridal style, and carried her backstage.


Meanwhile, Teliyah is running for her life all over the arena screaming ,“I can’t find an EXIT!” Because of all the commotion, she then bumps into Allison, making her fall unconscious. Zayn saw that Teliyah fell and went to her side. Zayn tossed her over his shoulder and took her backstage.


Allison, unfortunately didn’t know what to do after she bumped into Teliyah and said. “Oh My God! Uh, Um….” She was freaking out and in that process, Allison gets shot in the knee. Allison screams in agony and starts crying. Harry hears Allison scream, and spots her in the corner of his eye. He rushes to her aid and says in a soothing voice,“Everything’s alright… Let me help you love.” Allison was still crying, but allowed Harry to help her because she really didn’t have a choice. He picked her up carefully and quickly carried her backstage.




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