The Imagine Story

Just a fanfiction my friends and I came up with for the year. We call ourselves "The Directioners".


9. Chapter Nine

Music was blasting onto the dance floor that had held couches with bright, almost blinding lights jumping all around the walls and ceiling in for about 20 minutes. Wearing their brand new dresses and shoes, in the bathroom, the girls were touching up their makeup and fixing their hair.


After about 5 minutes the girls, Teliyah, Lauren, Marisol, Belle, and Allison left the bathroom and began the walk down the grand stairs. While they were all walking down there was a spotlight shining on them, and all the One Direction boys looked up to their girls, who were majestically walking down to the party.  


When the girls stepped down off the stairs, Belle waved to Asauni, who was the dj, and was enjoying the party as well but the girls all split up accidentally. Teliyah walked straight into the middle of the party onto the dance floor. Zayn was there and he took her hand so that they could dance together.


Marisol and Allison pretty much walked to the same spot and met their boys, Harry near the punch and Niall near the chips. They walked to the middle of the of the snack table and all began talking together about the One Direction tour.


“ We don’t really know if we will begin the tour again. ” Harry said

“ Yeah, ever since the tour where we met you all. We don’t really know at all. ” Niall added


Belle didn’t really love parties, but liked planning them and all so she was scanning the crowd making sure nothing terrible happened, Purposely looking away from the bar where Lauren and Louis were located. Liam then approached Belle trying to bring her to the dance floor, but she told him she didn’t really like parties though agreed to dance later in the party.


Lauren and Louis were sitting together on the high bar chairs, and were really having a fun time. Lauren accidently spilled a matini on her dress.


“ Ah! Let me take you to the bathroom, so you can get cleaned up ” Louis exclaimed looking down at the spill. The bar man wipes the table down

“ Okay, let’s go. ” replied Lauren.


Lauren and Louis then walked upstairs towards Louis’ bathroom which he brought her to purposefully.


“ Do you need a minute? ” Louis asked Lauren.

“ Yeah, I guess ” she replied, shrugging.

“ You guess or you know? ” Louis asked unexpectedly.

“ Um… I know? ”

    “ Mhmm… doesn’t really sound like it, but ok ” he chuckled.

     “ If I didn’t know, don’t you think I would’ve asked for your help? ” Lauren said aggravated.

    “ I don’t know, would you? ” Louis replied playfully.


Lauren thought for a moment looking at her reflection in Louis’ bathroom mirror.

     “ Hmm…..maybe, ” she replied.


    Louis grinned slightly and stepped to Lauren’s side.


    “ Maybe or definitely? ” he said while now laughing.

    “ Definitely ” she replied blushing.

They cleaned off the marini spill on Lauren’s dress quite casually while listening to the music playing downstairs. Louis walked Lauren out of the bathroom and


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