The Imagine Story


5. Chapter Five


Lauren woke up the next morning and started to dress. After she finished changing she went downstairs to check on Allison and Teliyah. Teliyah, with Zayn by her side, was wide awake and sitting up on the couch texting someone. Allison with Harry by her side, was still asleep but stirring. When Lauren got to the bottom of the staircase, Louis approached her with a breakfast tray.


“ How’d you sleep? " Louis asked. “ Good, you? ” replied Lauren. “ Not so well. I was making sure Harry was okay. ” Lauren sets the breakfast tray on the coffee table. “ He hasn’t slept at all. He’s been watching Allison all night. ”


Teliyah peered above her phone. “ Good morning Lauren " she said in a half whisper. “ Morning ” Lauren said in a smile. “ Are you feeling okay? ”


“ Yeah. A bit better. I think I should stand after lunch. ” Lauren sat down next to Teliyah and Zayn walked into the kitchen. “ That seems like a good idea ” Teliyah looks back down to her phone. Lauren turned over her attention to Harry.


He was just sitting there, not taking his eyes off of Allison.  “ Harry, are you okay? ” asked Lauren.


“ Yeah, I’m fine. ” he answered in a low voice. “ Are you sure? You look a bit tired. ” slightly tested Lauren.


“ No, I’m not tired…..just worried about her. The doctor said it would take months for her to recover. I just don’t want anything to happen to her that will make the injury worse. ” said Harry.


“ Well, I can tell you this, Harry, Allison is a real fighter. She will be fine, ” Harry just looked back at Allison. Lauren could tell Allison was awake and listening the whole time, but Harry had no idea.


Lauren took her phone out to check the time. It was 12:26 pm. She decided to eat the toast on her breakfast plate and brought everything else back into the kitchen refrigerator.


“ Good afternoon. ” chuckled Niall. “ Morning, wait. Oh Yeah,... Good afternoon. ” Lauren said. Lauren walks to the fridge and put the other breakfast items in. She then places the tray in a cupboard. Niall wipes the counter and leaves the kitchen. Lauren leaves also.


When Lauren walks out of the kitchen, she sees Liam walk down from the stairs. Teliyah is attempting to stand up. She got kind of nausea, but succeeded in the task. Zayn was helping her, and when she stood he hugged her. He hugged her for 5 minutes while everyone else was high-fiving or also hugging. Zayn and Teliyah finally let go. Lauren then also embraced Teliyah. “ We all are so happy for you, ” Lauren said with her eyes filling with tears. Everyone agreed with murmurs. “ You need to eat, c’mon ” Lauren ushered Teliyah to the kitchen and Louis and Zayn followed where Lauren got a text saying Our flight got delayed we should be in Florida tomorrow morning. They then ate and enjoyed time together from 1 pm to 7pm, until they heard a scream of agony.


“ WHAT WAS THAT!?! ” yelled Lauren who jumped up from the couch in the basement. “ THAT SOUNDED LIKE ALLISON! ”


All four of them rushed upstairs. It was Allison. Harry was nowhere to be seen nor was anyone there. But then Harry rushed from upstairs, apparently he had been using the restroom. Allison was now crying. Lauren spotted the problem. Allison’s knee was swollen and pus was oozing out of the bandages.

    “ OMG, someone call the doctor, ” Teliyah shouted. “ It’s official. I’m not leaving her side again, ” Harry said


Louis took his phone out and dialed the hospital number. “ Come quick it is an emergency! ” he said with great urgency. The doctor came and tended to Allison for many hours in the process, Lauren and Louis had to to go to the airport to pick Marisol and Belle up from the airport.


“ Hai(Hey) Lauren ” Marisol and Belle said together as the group hugged. “ Did you drive here alone? ” Belle asked, “ No, I actually drove here with Louis, well he drove, ”

" Ah… ” replied Belle in a sarcastic tired voice.

“ So, the drive is an hour or so, so if you wanna take a nap you can. ”

“ Okay ” Marisol said


They pulled up in the driveway to the massive mansion only to find Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Teliyah standing outside. “ We have to give the doctor space for the operation. ”


“ Ah okay, okay, everyone? This is Marisol ” Lauren motions to Marisol.

“ And this is Belle, ” Liam had been staring at her the whole time. Belle knew this but did not match his gaze.


“ Well as long as we’re standing out here, why not go for a swim? ”said Louis.

Everyone agrees and starts down the cliff carefully to the beach. The guys begin to take off their shirts while the girls start splashing in the water. Harry feels too depressed to do anything so he just sits in the sand pondering why that had to happen to Allison.

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