The Imagine Story


8. Chapter Eight

Later that day, the mansion was ready for the party. The only problem was…….what were they going to wear? So all the girls decided they’d go to town and shop.


“Maybe you should wear this.” Marisol said as she motioned Lauren a black, silky, off the shoulder, short jumpsuit from the closet.


“Yeah, I guess I could at least try this one on.”  replied Lauren taking the jumpsuit.


Belle was standing by Allison, making sure she doesn’t fall, and they were chattering about the party looking through the dresses and elegant dress wear. “Oo do you like this Allison?” Marisol asked, at the other clothing rack,  holding a white dress with black lace on the outer layer part of the dress with midi-length sleeves. If Allison put the dress on, it would fit to her body, and it was cut out in the back and was cut right above her knees.


    “Okay, I like it. Help me to the dressing room,” Allison asked Belle

“Please…” Belle mumbled. “Please,” Allison said rolling her eyes, and shuffled towards the dressing room.


    Marisol went to a different rack and spotted her dress. It was a sleeveless black dress. With lace tied front from the waist up. It was about 2 inches above her knee, ruffled at the bottom. A darker black design was sewn throughout the dress as a lace pattern. She knew this was the dress she wanted and went to try it on anyways.


    Teliyah searched the whole store and convinced herself that there was not a dress there that she wanted, but then she saw it. It was in the display window, so she went up to the cashier and asked her for the dress. The cashier went to get the dress and handed it to her, it was a solid blue midi-length dress Fitted around her waist with her sleeves wrapped around her neck connected at the middle of the dress. She then brought it also to the dressing room as Allison and Belle exited the dressing room.


    Belle walked Allison to the cashier to pay, and Belle went to find her dress. This was quite easy for her because when she was helping Allison find her dress she also had found the dress that she wanted. It was a short-sleeve, navy blue, flowy dress that was tied at the waist. In the middle of the dress were some silver streaked stars, and the dress was about 2 inches above her knees. She, once again, went to the dressing room to try it on.


    A couple minutes later, Lauren left the dressing rooms and went to meet Allison at the front of the store, who was looking through the other dresses.  Marisol and Teliyah emerged from the dressing room and went to pay also for their dresses. Minutes after Marisol and Teliyah came out of the dressing room, Belle left and also went to pay for her dress.


    Finally all the girls were done shopping for their dresses, and Lauren checked her phone. It was and hour since they had left the mansion, but then Teliyah said, “Okay. what’s next?”


Belle replied, “What do you mean?”

“Well, we need shoes right?”

“Oh, yeah! I know a great place!” Allison blurted out.


    They walked down the palm tree lined block pretty slowly, because of Allison, but also to enjoy the scenery around them. There was a light breeze, so it was the perfect day for shopping and walking. People were starting to leave the stores since it was noon, but the girls decided to finish shopping then go eat.


Eventually they entered the shoe department, and they were awed. There were so many shoes on shelves that reached from the ceiling to the floor. Shoes of ALL colors in the windows, front tables, and on walls. The girls looked at each other and laughed then Allison went with Teliyah to one part of the department store, and Lauren and Marisol went to another part of the department store. That left Belle who was looking at another area near the front.


Allison knew she couldn’t wear heels if she wanted to hurt her knee further so she picked out some beige high tops with see through pattern at the heel, and Teliyah was looking everywhere, since there was so much to pick from, and chose golden sneaker-like wedge. She knows it’ll go well with her dress.


Meanwhile on the other side of the store, Lauren and Marisol were looking through a whole array of black shoes from flats to heels, sandals to boots there was everything. At last Marisol chose black raised heels with chains hanging from the ankle strap, and Lauren picked some black heeled wedges.


Belle calmly searched the store. She decided on some normal tan heels and was the first to buy her shoes out of the rest of the girls. Slowly Marisol and Lauren came to purchase their shoes as followed by Allison and Teliyah who was limping softly because Allison hit Teliyah’s leg with the her crutches, they had had some sort of disagreement.


The girls all bought their shoes and exited the shoe department. It was now 1:00 pm or so, so they decided to find a place to eat and rest.


“So Where do you all want to go and eat?” Belle asked

“How about… Logan’s?” Allison said

“Maybe… Dairy Queen?” Teliyah replied

“Oo! I know a place with French fries” Lauren also said

“What about you Marisol?” Belle asked again.

“I don’t care as long as y'all move along and we get to eating” Marisol replied

“Okay, so we’ve got Logan’s, Dairy Queen or a place with french fries”


Finally, Marisol got so agitated and so hungry. “Let’s just go to McDonald’s. It’s only right across the street. And with that, everyone was making their way to lunch.


As they entered the fast food restaurant, Lauren and Teliyah went straight to the bathroom to touch up their makeup. Meanwhile Belle, Marisol, and Allison ordered everyone’s meals. By the time the food was ready and they were seated at a table near the center of the room, Teliyah was exiting the bathroom with Lauren right behind her. But Lauren immediately came to a halt when she saw a familiar face in the back of the room. Her eyes lit up and a huge grin grew among her face. Allison was so confused as to what was going on, but when she turned around to what Lauren was staring at… she knew.

“Oh my gosh” Allison mumbled and rolled her eyes.

“What?” Belle asked.


But Allison didn’t even have to saying anything when Lauren came skipping to the table, almost tripping over her feet with all the excitement.


    “Look, look! It’s Ed Sheeran. He’s actually here!” Lauren squealed and also blushing a bit.


    Belle and Teliyah turned their heads to see a famous british singer-songwriter that Lauren has been obsessing over her whole life. Although, they didn’t see this as much of a deal as Lauren. I mean can you blame them? Their already staying in a mansion on the coast with One Direction. So this wasn’t much to them, but they could tell this meant the world to Lauren.


    “Should I go talk to him? Maybe I should invite him to the party.” Lauren asked eagerly.

    “I thought you had your eyes on Louis.” Teliyah stated “I mean you were literally just talking about him in the bathroom.”


    Belle and Allison agreed to Teliyah, and Marisol just nodded as she stuffed her face with a Big Mac.


    “I do like Louis, a lot. But guys this is a one in a lifetime opportunity. And besides, it’s like I’m gonna go up and twerk on him or anything. I’m just simply inviting him to the party. As a friend.”

    “Go ahead.” Belle said with a slight smirk.


    Lauren took a deep breathe and walked over to Ed.


    “Excuse me.” Lauren said as her fingers trembled, “Hi, I’m Lauren and can I just say, I’m a huge fan.”


    Ed looked in her eyes and smiled and pointed to the booth in front of him as if he was asking her to join him.


    “I don’t mean to interrupt anything, but I just wanted to know if you’d like to attend a party with me and my friends.” she said as she looked toward the table they sat at, “I’m not sure if you are familiar with a group called One Direction, but we’re currently staying with them since one of my friends had an incident at their concert. She’s ok. She’s actually the reason there’s even a party.” Lauren said trying to make the situation light.


“Is there gonna be alcohol?”

“Yea plenty.”


They both chuckled and had a good time together until it was time to head back to the house for the party. They were already gonna be late since it it’s over an hour drive getting away from the city. The girls drove in their car and Ed followed behind in a limo. They were all anxious for the what the night might hold.

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