The Cursed Lightning Bolt

Albus thinks a lot of his father after the so called "time-turning accident in a parallel universe", but is Harry Potter the "chosen one" strong enough to resist the mirror of Erised?


2. Lying gene strikes

"What? What are you talking about Albus?" he tries to deny all of it, but that smirk exposes that it really is the time-turner. Something shudders in the room next to the stairs, they both look of the doorknob who will open the door but no one does. Albus knows his dad wouldn't like it if someone found them on the staircase in an argument, but actually Albus wouldn't like that either. He is a little scared what this might mean...

"Okay I know this might look bad but I'll explain OK?" this time it is just a squeaky whisper, so no one can hear.

"Dad, you're not supposed to have it at all, it belongs to the Ministry and they are supposed to destroy that thing to pieces! Don't tell me Hermione gave it to you."

"Pssst!" Harry looked really terrified like his life depended on no one knowing anything. "Albus, I'm working at the Ministry it's alright, Hermione gave it to me before it goes to the Gringotts." it sounds convincing but why so secretive then, Albus heads is throwing questions but he resists to ask anything.

"I just wouldn't like your mother to know about this..." ok now his face showed real sadness.

That's when the doorknob twists and Ginny comes out of the bedroom. "What should I not know about?" she then smiles at both boys.

"Umm nothing!" they both sound like in a toad choir, and they have the same guily look on their faces. Ginny doesn't miss this fact out.

"Ha, Albus inherited the bad qualities from you!" Harry looks stunned at what Ginny just said. "What qualities are we talking here about my dear?"

"Well you never knew how to lie to anybody" she points this out like it was so obvious.

"Oh really? I once lied to Rosmerta, about how nice her skirt was and she ate the whole thing including the reel." 

"Pardon me then, I didn't know about this impressive "skirt-lying" skill of yours."

They both laugh at the whole conversation and then Harry falls for a kiss.

"Disgusting!" Albus runs down the stairs for his snack and he can hear another wave of laugh from the two of them. Albus knows exactly why Ginny should not know about this, and it seems reasonable. She had a little mental break down when the time turning incident was over, but she always insists it's nothing. Tho the whole family is worried about her. Albus can hear her scream from nightmares of what would happen if the Dark Times actually came back. Nobody understood it because the whole think had a happy ending. But the doctor at St.Mungos said it's small things that can trigger something like this happen. Mom now looks completely normal, till she doesn't get the blank stare symptom where she doesn't move at all, and her expression looks terrifyin, though they can't do anything at that point and just let her still till it passes. But either way just to be sure, he decides to keep an eye on his father. To know what he's up to.

Tomorrow they are visiting uncle Ron and aunt Hermione, and maybe he'll ask Hermione about this. But he gets a better idea. "I better consult this with Rose" he whispers as he bites a huge chunk of the chocolate.

Many found out on their own skin that Rose-and-Albus duo is similar to Fred and George.


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