Learning to Love his Submissive

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teaches history at the East High School. All people know about him is that he's a lonely middle age man who's just living life as it is. But what they don't know is that he's a submissive wolf, who's waiting for his mate to come in his life and calm him. This is where Justin Wilson comes in. Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf, but don't know that yet. He's the school popular frat boy who everybody loves. He's not only rich, but is the captain of the basketball team and the all star quarterback of the football team. He's a playboy. Girls loves him and guys want to be him. So what will happen when on his eighteen birthday he comes to inherited to his inner wolf? And what will he do when he fine out that the teacher he hated all these years is his mate? Worst of all he's a middle age man in his 30? ©All Right Reserve @Pinky1 If you happen to find this on wattpad(it's mine) just different username


2. Hurting inside

Note**(this story is mostly going to be from Darry point of view because as we all know he's the submissive, but that doesn't mean that Justin won't have a pov because he will, just not yet).



And there you have it, my daily routine and it doesn't include the kiss. It was just a surprise.

A surprise I will like to get again.




Darry Knight pov**

"I hate him. I hate him so much" I murmur to my reflection in the mirror. My daily routine of hating myself has change and now I'm hating Justin Freaking Wilson instead. Because of that one stupid kiss I couldn't sleep and now, I'm going to go to school looking like a hangover teen that party so hard that his brain exploded and now who's now a walking zombie. I stared at myself in the mirror for few minutes thinking about hurtful words to say to myself, but I couldn't think of any. Just that one little stupid kiss that...felt so...so...so right. I'm losing it all because of that stupid kid, "I hate him so much with burning passion" I said one more time in the mirror. After that I got dress and left for school.

Parking my car in the teacher parking lot as always, I got out of my craping car and when to my first lesson. When I got at the door I took a deep breath in and out and  whisper softly to myself, "here goes nothing".

"Ok class please turn to page 179 and don't forget to leave the homework I give out two days ago on my desk" I said when I enter the classroom and prepare myself for one of Justin hurtful remarks, but to my surprise it didn't come. I look over to where he unusual sat, but he wasn't there. I was about to lose control, for some reason my wolf wasn't listening to me. It felt like my wolf was going to come out any moment. "Where's-" I was going to ask the class where Justin was, but my sentence was cut half way when Justin enter my class looking worst then I did. "That's new' I thought. 'Very new'.

"You're late, why?" I ask him as he when to take his seat. My wolf was now calming down, but I spoke too soon when I heard Justin replied, "I couldn't bear the thought of seeing you". My heart shatter right then and for the first time in ever, I thought of killing myself. Of all the things I've heard him say, this was the most hurtful one yet. 'I see, I'm sorry for being so old and disgusting to look at' I replied into my head as my heart begin to cry out from the hurt and pain it has been through.

"Everyone please turn to page 179 like I said earlier" I pretended like his remarks didn't hurt me out all, but true be told, I was dying inside.

I sat in my chair waiting for the bell to ring as I plain in my book 'many ways to kill Justin Wilson'. Not long after the bell rings and I couldn't have been more happier for it. Unusually it's the students who leave class first before the teacher, but I wanted to get to the rooftop so I could cry out my pain. I've been holding in for the pass forth five minutes and every minutes that tick by makes the pain to grow more and more.

When I got to the rooftop, I hide myself in the faraway corner so if someone comes up here they wouldn't be able to see me. Slowly, I let my body slip down the wall as tears pour out of my eyes. I don't get it anymore. Why? I almost lost control of my wolf when I thought Justin wasn't going to be in school, but when he finally did show, he reminded me that I hated him. Why does he makes me feel so much pain, but at the same time, hold?.

'I hate myself. I hate you' replay over and over into my head. I guess I will never stop hating myself. "Mr. Knight?" I heard Justin calling my name from the other side of the rooftop. 'What does he want now? After breaking my heart it wasn't enough? He wants to break it-...

"Find you" he said with a smug look playing at his lips, but that smug look was soon replace by concern one. "What happened? Why are you crying? Who did this to you? Who? Tell me and I will make them pay?" he growls out angrily. "Yeah like you don't know who, and why do you even care about what happens to me? You're just a teen so just go do what teenager boys do best" I spat at him. "Please just leave my alone" I got up from my sitting spot and rip my tears as I turn to leave. "You're not going anywhere until I say so" he yell turning me around roughly by my left hand and slam my back into the wall. "You don't leave until I say so" he growls out once again as he trap me with both of his arms on each side of my body. I couldn't get out he was too strong. My wolf was once again acting weird.

What have I gotten myself into? A teenager who's old enough to be my son(if I had one) is giving me commands that makes my wolf want to obey. What have I gotten myself into?...




Oh there's a cliffhanger(haha)

I hope this chapter is good for everyone liking(^_^)

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