Learning to Love his Submissive

Darry Knight is a 30 years old man who teaches history at the East High School. All people know about him is that he's a lonely middle age man who's just living life as it is. But what they don't know is that he's a submissive wolf, who's waiting for his mate to come in his life and calm him. This is where Justin Wilson comes in. Justin Wilson is a 17 years old dominant wolf, but don't know that yet. He's the school popular frat boy who everybody loves. He's not only rich, but is the captain of the basketball team and the all star quarterback of the football team. He's a playboy. Girls loves him and guys want to be him. So what will happen when on his eighteen birthday he comes to inherited to his inner wolf? And what will he do when he fine out that the teacher he hated all these years is his mate? Worst of all he's a middle age man in his 30? ©All Right Reserve @Pinky1 If you happen to find this on wattpad(it's mine) just different username


1. Daily Routine

Darry Knight Pov**


"I hate myself. I hate you" I murmur to myself as I stared at myself in the mirror. That's my everyday daily routine. When I wakes up I go to the bathroom and wash up, after that I throw hateful words at myself. Why? Because no one will ever love me. I'm in my thirties and I still haven't find my alpha. Am I that old for everyone to love me?


"I hate y-" I was cut off by my alert clock ringing loudly in my long apartment.

'And my boring routines continue again'.


When I finally got to the school I quickly made my way to the teacher parking as I breathe a sigh of relief. Today, I wanted to be on time for my lesson today because if I don't...let's say it won't be good for me. Getting out of my old crapping car I made my way through the lots and at the front of the school. I was about to open the school doors when someone bump into me.

"Get out of my way fag or you're going to make me old just by looking at you" they said and stormed away, murmuring something else I couldn't hear. I don't like that kid, he makes my life miserable every times I come to school. I'm a teacher and yet I'm the one getting bully. 'Just perfect'.

Looking at my watch it shows that it was almost 8:00 AM, I only had three more minutes until class starts and I was yet again not prepared. Quickly making my way to my first lesson I passed by the principle office quietly so I wouldn't be seen. But as faith had it. It. Was. Not. My. Day.

"Mr. Knight" the heard the principle voice called from behind me. 'So close'.

"H-hi" I greeted her awkwardly. She made be a woman, but wow is she scary at times. "Mr. Knight? Why are you late?" She roar her voice sending shivers though my body. "I'm not I still have-" I looked at my watch it was two minutes after eight. "Holy" "watch the language Mr. Knight we're in school" she growls. "Ok so I'm late, but I really got to go" I said as I run to class. "Come back here Mr. Knight, I'm talking to you" I heard her saying, but I was too focus on getting to my first lesson that I annoyed her.

"Sorry class I'm late, so everyone please turned to-" I was cut off by that annoying brat again. "Oh look Mr. Old finally made it to class a bit earlier today" he laugh and his friends soon joined in.

'Justin Wilson' my inner self yelled. He makes me so angry sometimes that I just want to rip his throat out.

"Haha funny, when you're doing having your fun then please turn to page 157 in your textbook" 'jerk'.

Today class when really well, I didn't get bully by Justin and his friends too much and for some weird reason I felt like something big was going to happen, but I didn't know when.

When the ball finally rings signaling that my lesson for now was over, I slowly made my way to the school rooftop. I like to think of myself as a loser so instead of eating in the teachers lunch room, I eats on the rooftop. When I got closer to the door to that leads to the roof, I heard moans coming from the other side of the door.

When I look through the window it didn't surprise me that it was Justin and one of his plaything making out. For some reason, I felt jealous. I wanted to be in the girl place instead as he kiss me with that..." Ok now I'm going crazy. Why the heck would I think that?

I turned away from the door and started to walk back downstair when the door to the rooftop open up. "Oh look it's Mr. Old, why are you up here anyway? Oh no wait let me guess? You never seen opposite gender kissed before so you decided to watch?" He smirked at me.

"That's n-" I was cut off by Mr. Arrogant, "don't denied it fag. Have you ever kissed anyone? I bet you're a virgin" he said smugly. 'Damn that brat'.

The girl looked bored so she left, I too started to take my leave, only to be stopped by Justin handing my left hand. "Oh no you're not going anywhere, I'm not done talking to you yet".

"Let go Justin" I said pulling my hand from his, but that only made his hold tighten on my. "Tell me Mr. Old have everyone ever kissed you?" He asked and stupid me I said "no". "Well aren't you in luck? I was thinking of doing a little what you called it?...experiment" with that said he kissed me softly. For the first time in my life my heart finally skip a beat. I felt like I was on cloud nine as my wolf dance with joy into my body.

I wanted more. I wanted his touch, I wanted his lips to be on my forever, but sadly he pulled away and said. "This never happened and if I heard anything about this, you'll regret it" he growls at me and left. I was left frozen in my spot for what felt like hours.

I hate my life.

I hate you Justin freaking Wilson.




The rest of the day I approved Justin at all costs. When he and his friends makes hurtful comments about me I just pretended I didn't heard them. After school, I made my way back to my messed up apartment. When I got home, I ordered some Chinese because why would I cook if I have no one to share with?

When I finished eating I took a quick shower and before I could go to sleep I looked at myself in the mirror and said. "I hate my life. I hate you".

And there you have it, my daily routine and it doesn't include the kiss. It was just a surprise.

A surprise I will like to get again.

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