The Rebel

Sequel series to A Forbidden Love Story. Hope Rosaline Malfoy is struggling to rid the image that her parents have given her: A bookworm, patient, obiedient child. Being an older sister for her brother, Remus Scorpius Malfoy, and sister, Faith Ginevra Malfoy, she is expected to be the perfect role model. How will her, her family, and Hogwarts cope with the rebel that may create another Dark Lord?


2. The Sorting

Hope hadn't talked to anyone the entire time she was on the Hogwarts Express. And she didn't want to. She liked being a loner, but she liked being in charge. She wouldn't ever want to be a prefect, though, because that would destroy her plans that she had for once she knew more magic. Not that she'd ever tell her family, but Hope loved the Dark Arts. Her parents and grandparents had told her stories about Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and she thought their whole story was awesome. She wanted to be like that when she was an adult. Her problem was her name. She couldn't be the Next Dark Lord with a name like Hope!
​But for now, she could see Hogwarts, and so she put her robes on and prepared to leave.
As the Hogwarts Express slowly came to a stop, Hope left the compartment, looking for Hagrid who, according to her mum and dad, still worked here.
"Firs' years this way! Firs' years over here!" a voice came booming out over the sounds of the crowd.
"Are you Hagrid?" Hope asked in a bored voice.
"Tha' I am! You mus' be Hope!" Hagrid said, beaming at her.
"Yes, I am. Which way to the boats?" Hope asked. The fact that she didn't want to talk to him was evident in her voice. Hagrid frowned.
"Wait for the res' of the firs' years, an' we'll head on over there." he said.​

"The rest of the first years are right here." Hope said, gesturing behind her.
"Right, well, follow me, firs' years!" Hagrid called, and lead the group of eleven-year-olds over to the lake, where a fleet of boats were waiting.
After a smooth ride to the castle, the first years had been informed of how the Sorting takes place and led into the Great Hall.
"When I call your name, come up and place the Sorting Hat on your head, and then join the correct table." Professor Longbottom, Deputy Headmaster, said. He looked down at a long list of names, and Hope zoned out. Finally, she heard the one and only name she cared about.
"Malfoy, Hope!"
She sauntered up and sat on the stool, putting the Hat on.
​"Hmmm..." ​said a small voice in her ear. ​"You're interesting, yes, very interesting... Oh, what's this? 'Not Gryffindor' you say? Whyever not? Gryffindor is the House of the brave and daring... okay, then, if you're sure... there's no need for that sort of language, even if they are a bunch of reckless idiots... Now, don't say that about Hufflepuff, they're good for a lot of things... Ravenclaws are not stuck up, you know, and yes they are kind...  They don't cheat, either! Well, I see where you want to be, but I'm honestly worried about putting you there... Oh, yes, I can see all about what you want to do when you're grown up, and none of them are good... well, I guess it's... SLYTHERIN!"

Hope beamed as she took off the Hat and walked off towards the Slytherin table. ​

"Hey, your name's Hope Malfoy." said the boy who she sat next to once the Sorting was over.

"Yes, it is." Hope said, helping herself to the food that had just appeared.

"My name's Sirius Potter." the boy said. "We're related. My dad, Albus, was your mum's cousin."

"Really?" Hope said, sounding bored.

"Yes..." Sirius said, sounding confused. "Where do you live?"

"I live in London." Hope said.

"That's cool." Sirius said. "I live in Scotland, that's why we don't see each other very often, we're quite a few hours away."

"Okay, well, I'm going to eat now." Hope said.

"Oh, ok." Sirius said, looking startled at her rudeness. "Um, enjoy your dinner."

He turned away to talk to someone who looked like he might be his brother. Hope didn't talk to anyone else all through dinner.



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