The Rebel

Sequel series to A Forbidden Love Story. Hope Rosaline Malfoy is struggling to rid the image that her parents have given her: A bookworm, patient, obiedient child. Being an older sister for her brother, Remus Scorpius Malfoy, and sister, Faith Ginevra Malfoy, she is expected to be the perfect role model. How will her, her family, and Hogwarts cope with the rebel that may create another Dark Lord?


1. Going to Hogwarts

"Be safe. I want you to listen to the professors. Do exactly as they tell you, is that understood?" Rose said.

"Yes Mum. When have I ever not listened to what those in charge of me have said?" Hope asked sarcastically. 

"Hope, you listen to your mother." Scorpius warned. Turning to Rose, he added under his breath, "She's barely eleven and she's acting like she's sixteen!"

"I know, but don't tell her you think that." Rose turned back to Hope. "Hope, listen to me. Please listen to your professors, be kind, follow the rules, please." 

Hope rolled her eyes and crossed her fingers behind her back. "Fine. I promise." 

"Good." Rose smiled. Then a whistle blew and conductors started slamming the doors shut. "Off you go, quickly! Write often!"

"Okay." Hope said in an exasperated voice. She gave one lazy wave at her parents, then moved along the train, searching for a compartment. She finally found a completely empty one.

Hope Rosaline Malfoy was eleven years old, heading to her first year at Hogwarts. She has long, white-blond hair and a small frame. She inherited her mother's booksmarts, but didn't like to use them for schoolwork. She is the biggest rebel Hogwarts had ever seen. 

After Hope had put her luggage away and sat down, she looked out the window. "Look out, Hogwarts, here I come." 


Sorry for the short chapter and cliffhanger. I've sorta moved back into focusing on Nicole Potter, but I'll update on here whenever I  can. 

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