Love Story


1. Introduction

I found love and I had it for a while with a person I thought was my everything we had been friends since 8th grade and being the shy girl I am I never really thought he would ever like me back… We didn’t get together until late that year basically the end of the school and I remember the day we got together it was field day at my school and I was hanging out with my two of my ex boyfriend and one of their girlfriend which she was actually one of my best friends and i really hated that they were actually together but I had to go on so we were all walking and I see him with his friends and he had dart in his mouth and that’s how it all started just to think something so tiny made a big difference in our life but it did we flirted a lot and I took the dart from his mouth and put it in mine something I would never do just something about him made me feel like I could do anything and here is our love story....
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