A Girl With Dreams

this is all about a girl name y/n. all she wanted was to fit in and get noticed but what happens when she meets the schools jock..........


1. 1

hello there my name is y/n and im 16 years old and go to WestWood High School. Yes I know what kind of scool name is that, well let me tell you. Its a school in NSW (north south whales)Australia no im not from Australia i just moved here from south carolina my mom has some type of job thing going on so we packed our things and moved to wear her job is its a nice scool ill tell you that its just i feel lonley i have no friends well i did but they all left or got tired of me or started hating me for no apparent reason now im all by self i did used to have a friend his name was Luke he was the best he was actually my bestfriend  until he turned his back on or what he thinks i turned my back on him now i see him with his friends everyday at school hes always with Ashton, Calum,and Michael or what we all like to call it hie "crew" ugh they all hate me because they think i broke Lukes heart so apparently Luke had this like crush on me and i didnt know it  me being me didnt notice that he would get jealous over me hanging out with Calum so one day i was walking into mikeys house and when i got to the door step all of my stuff was at the door ALL OF IT. it was either in mud or ripped or damaged i walked inside and all they turrned their heads and looked at me they had that face where like you didnt like that someone but their parent or something was home yeah they all had that face luke came in the room and looked me at me with pure hurt and gultyness in his eyes i was confused but sooner or latter i understood why they all got up from their seats and just started yelling at me i on the other hand was still trying to figure out why luke was looking guilty thats until Ashton finally spoke up what he had said to me was hurtfull painfull like someone just drove off of a cliff and let me die it hurt me so much when he said those things after that i couldnt say anything i couldnt do anything the one thing i did do was cry i cried and cried and cried finally after what seemed like days of crying i got up up turned around and looked at the house i used to come to eveyday and hang out with the boys i walked to the on my way out i saw luke standing there looking so sad but at that moment i didnt care when i saw lukes face i wanted to kill him murder him rip his ass to shreds but i couldnt i walked up to luke when he saw me he turned around and tried to say sorry but i couldnt take it anymore i told him to have a nice fucking day and stay the hell away from me now all he does is bullie me make fun of me and still think he has guilt but who gives two fucks right thats him not me

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