She's The Alpha Queen

As the fairy tale that it is, it shall start just like one…

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born. She was the daughter of the most powerful and respected Alpha there was on the country. There was a prophecy of this baby, apart from being the heir of the pack; she was also the one wolf that would united two packs, to create a kingdom, to be just like before. She was going to become the Queen of all werewolves, and her mate, was going to be the King. They knew that she was the one, because of the mark on her left shoulder, a small red wolf paw, it looked like a mole, but everyone in the werewolf world knew what it meant (...)


3. Chapter Two.



She’s The Alpha Queen

Chapter Two



Raphaella dodge the punch and decided to kick her opponent, the minute her foot touched her opponent’s stomach, she kicked with her other foot towards the face, landing on her feet with a sly smirk. Her opponent was thrown on the floor clutching his nose.



            “Make sure you don’t let your guard down.” Raphaella spat. “Get up and clean your nose before heading back to the blocking area.”



Turning around, she stared at her students. Most of them were practicing with the equipment that the gym had, others were running or doing some sort of cardio to get a better resistance, and it was the minority that was actually fighting with another wolf. She was proud of some of her students, it was specially the younger pups she actually liked training, as they were so eager to learn new things and they actually tried harder and made sure that they were doing their best.



I need you in my office right now. The Alpha Pater spoke through the mind link.


I’ll just finish my session and I’m on my way. She replied and took in a deep breath, she was sure it had to do something with today.



            “Listen up pups!” Raphaella shouted. “Class has to be cut short today, I can only hope that tomorrow you decide to actually do something and prove to me that you are worthy of being a warrior!” She stared at everyone. “Now, shuffle off.”



Raphaella grabbed her water bottle and made her way out of the training arena towards the pack house. She could feel the eyes of her fellow pack mates on her, as she walked only in her gym cloth. She was sure that if she was another person who actually cared, she would have changed into something more suitable for meeting the Alpha, but her being her, decided that it would be a waste of time.


The wind picked up, and Raphaella felt it on her skin, she always loved the air would hit the skin, and how good it felt when it was colder than usual. She always loved autumn and winter, due to the climate being as cold as she always wanted for it to be.


She nodded to the guards outside the pack house and to a couple of people who actually had the audacity to smile. Raphaella knew what her reputation was; she was just the outcast who got a hell of a deal, it didn’t matter to her, they didn’t even know how they had found Raphaella ten years ago. Stretching her arms, she walked inside the Alpha’s office.



            “You called for me.” She raised an eyebrow before sitting down.


            “I did Raphe. “Alpha Pater replied. “I’ve got a complaint about you.” He sighed and she rolled her eyes. “I know that you are not used to the rules on the school, but you have to answer to both future Beta’s and Alpha’s.”


            “Why should I?” Raphaella questioned. “I don’t even answer to you sometimes, why should I tell someone I don’t know my name?”


Alpha Pater let out a chuckle. “I feel sorry for your future mate.”


            “You and me both.” Raphaella winked. “I will try to be more civilized with the other pack.” She nodded. “Anything else?”


            “Thank you Raphe.” Alpha Pater smiled. “That is all, I still don’t have any more information.”




Raphaella nodded and walked out of the office. Every time she asked for more information he would always tell her the same answer, it was time for her to take the matter into her own hands. With a small smirk, she made her way towards the Pack’s Library.






With another scowl on her face, something that a lot of people thought of natural, Raphaella stepped out of the car and walked towards the school building. Her first day hadn’t gone as she planned, but she sure as hell knew that for the rest of the year, she would have to suffer.



            “I never thought you would come early to class.” Killan smiled as he stepped next to Raphaella.


            “I thought I left it clear yesterday.” Raphaella replied. “Leave me alone.”     


“I thought your Alpha spoke to you about that behaviour of yours.” Killan smirked.


“He did.” It was now Raphaella’s turn to smirk. “But I just decided not to obey.”


“You can’t just decide not to obey an Alpha.” Killan furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s technically impossible for a wolf like you?”


“A wolf like me?” Raphaella growled. “Listen here, pup.” She narrowed her eyes. “Don’t go feeling all superior only because you are going to be a Beta someday.” She spat. “I will be a Fighter, that means that you and I both have the same rank.” She got up from her seat. “You don’t know me so stop harassing me.” And with that, she left the classroom even when the teacher called for her.



Killan was left stunned after the outburst Raphaella had. He knew that she was powerful, and he thought that she was something more than just the future Fighter of the pack. There was no way that a wolf could disobey an Alpha, unless of course the wolf was an Alpha too.


Shaking his head, he turned back to the lesson, Wolf History. The teacher was talking about some prophecy that was written when the whole werewolf answered to a King and whatnot, it didn’t matter to Killan, at least at the moment he wasn’t really paying attention, until they mentioned a Female Alpha. She was bound to be powerful and skilful, and everyone knew who it would be, due to a mark on her shoulder, a small red paw print. As the teacher kept talking about her, Killan couldn’t help but think that someone so powerful would emit such power, and Raphaella emitted power. She was not the girl of the prophecy right?





            “You are going back to school tomorrow.” Alpha Donovan spoke. “You heard from Killan that there is a new kid, a girl, Raphaella.”


            “I heard dad.” Theo rolled his eyes. “She’s from Shinning Moon.” He added. “Though, I’ve never seen her in my life.”


            “She doesn’t really get along with other wolves.” Alpha Donovan replied. “Killan had me speaking with Alpha Pater, about her.”


            “Why?” Theo questioned.


            “Her attitude.” Alpha Donovan shrugged. “So, how was the trip?”


            “My mate isn’t from Red Moon Pack.” He sighed. “Though that Alpha and Luna are still looking for her daughter, they haven’t lost hope.”


            “You will find her soon.” Alpha Donovan patted his son’s back. “And I feel sorry for them, losing your child is not something I wish upon my worst enemy.” And with that said he left the room.



Theo nodded even though his father was already out of the room. He wanted to find his mate dearly, but he didn’t know where to keep looking, he had visited every single pack over the summer, and had found nothing.


He did find something interesting in his trip. The missing child, from Red Moon Pack, there was something about her that he couldn’t help but feel attracted to her, even when he only saw a picture of her as a baby. The green of her eyes attracted him so much, that he couldn’t help but stare at the picture her parents showed him. They were the greenest, no other could compare to them. He was just falling in love with the eyes of a baby, that no one knew where she was…






            “Raphe,” Martha sighed. “What did you do today that Alpha Pater asked me to speak to you, and try to get some sense into your head?”


            “Nothing.” Raphaella replied. “I did nothing worth either of your time.”


            “I heard from him that some wolf, from Blue Moon, the future Beta.” Martha started. “You do know, that we have a treaty with the pack, and so you need to respect her.”


            “Yeah, well,” Raphe shrugged. “I don’t obey anyone, so why the hell should I obey him when he feels superior to me? He’s just like me, a wolf with no title, and just because he’s a future Beta doesn’t mean he has the right to make me do stuff I don’t want to.”


            “Asking for your name is what everyone does.” Martha explained. “He was trying to figure out who you are.”


            “He already knows my name.” She spat. “I asked him to leave me alone, and he just keeps pushing his luck.”


            “Tomorrow, the future Alpha goes back to school.” Martha spoke. “Please, try not to get on his nerves.”


            “I can’t promise anything.” Raphaella winked before she locked herself in her room. 







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