Behind the camera

Meet Kendall Lima she was your ordinary 20 year old with the dream of following her mothers foot steps of becoming a model. Her mother has always been her role model and she wish she can be her. What happens when her dream finally come true and follows her mother. But it all gets ruined by her enemy Francisco Lachowski the son of her mothers friend what if he ruins her dream of achieving her goal .

" Your worthless your not good enough just stop will you " he said as he yelled at me in front of me " shut up francisco please " I said as I was on the verge of crying " why because you know I'm telling the truth that your worthless a slut " he said to me " shut up because that is what you are because after this few months I thought you changed but I see its not true I was stupid enough to fall in love with you " I said and with that I walked away.


1. Chapter


kendall pov

"Kendall sweetie hurry or I'm going to be late to this photo shoot" I hear my mum yell from downstairs "okay I'm coming " I said as I out on my shoes as I walk downstairs I see my mum talking on the phone so I decided to watch t.v. until she is ready to go " sorry sweetie ready to go " my mum said as she grabs her bags and her sweater. "Yea lets go and hey what is the photo shoot about " I asked my mum as she locked the house door " will it was only going to be me and Alessandra but now our boss changed it now its me and Alessandra and you and her son" my mum said " wait its going to be with Francisco " I said to my mum " yes I'm sorry I know you guys don't get along but the boss wants this not us." My mum said as she starts driving to the studio " it's fine mum its not your fault or alessandra not even francisco " I said to my mum as I put a hand over my mums " thanks for understanding " mum said as she turns and gives me a smile . As we get to the studio I saw two ladies running towards us "you guys are late boss is mad " one of them said to us " I know there was traffic on the highway there was a car crash " my mum said to the ladies " okay anyways lets get you girls ready because alessandra and fracisco are ready " the second lady said " okay " me and mum said at the same time and started running to our dressing room. When we got there is see a bunch of clothes " mum how many photo shoots is it " I asked mum " I don't know sweetie " my mum said "oh it's three photo shoots one with your mum and alessandra and francisco then one with only you and him then one is your mum and alessandra" said the lady with red hair " oh " was all I said to her as I started to get dressed.

As me and mum walked out I see Alessandra and Francisco talking " are you sure your alright with modeling next to him you don't have too " my mum said as we walk towards them "hey alessandra " mum said as she approach her friend " hey adriana oh my god kendall you look so pretty its been so long since I have seen you. " Alessandra said " same you look so pretty and I know I was staying with my dad but after that accident I decided to come back to " I said as I sit down on the couch " I hear sorry for your lost sweetie " she said to me as she sits beside me and pulls me into a hug " thanks alessandra" I said. "LISTEN UP EVERYONE WE ARE TAKING THREE PHOTO SHOOTS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL VICTORIA SECRET ANGELS AND THEIR KIDS SO PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT THEM !!!" my mums boss said " Alessandra, Adriana " he said as he came close to us " hello Marco " my mum said first as she hugs him " hello marco how are you " alessandra said as she hugs him next. " Marco this is our kids this is my daughter Kendall " mum said as she hugs me from the side " hello sir " I said as I stick my hand out " hello my dear your as beautiful as your mother " He said as he pulls me into a hug " thank you " I said as I pull away " and this is my kid Francisco " alessandra said as she pulls francisco's phone away " hello young man " marco said as he sticks his hand out " hello sir " francisco said as he shakes marcos hand "okay so lets get started " marco said as he started walking towards the screen "okay so kendall you'll be siting on the left chair and francisco you'll be sitting on the right chair and your guys mother will be behind you guys and they will have one hand on your shoulder " he said as we all got to our spot.

As we took like four pictures we were finally finish and it was time for the next photo shoot which was mine and francisco as I was getting ready I hear yelling " NO HELL NO I AM NOT DOING THIS !" I hear francisco yell " WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING !" I yelled as I walked out "COME ON JUST A LITTLE KISS THAT'S ALL " marco yells at francisco "WHAT IS HAPPENING OUT HERE " I hear alessandra yell as she comes out of her dressing room. " I HAVE TO FUCKEN KISS THAT BITCH OF KENDALL " Francisco said as he points at me "son its just for a picture nothing more ok and kendall isn't a bitch okay she is a sweet girl " alessandra said as she made francisco sit down " fine just because it's a picture I'll do it " Francisco said " good not kids come on set" marco said waving at us. As I walked towards the set " okay so kendall I want you to face francisco with love in your eyes " he said as he puts us in position " and francisco you will be holding her chine with your had and you will slowly kiss her okay" he said as he put francisco in front of me  " I hate you forever " francisco said as he slowly kissed me.

"And that's a wrap you guys can go change " marco said and with that francisco pushed me away from him where as I fell " your lucky " he said and walked away " oh my god I'm so sorry kendall are you alright " I hear alessandra said as she helped me up " yea I'm fine don't worry about it go get ready " I said and walked away from alessandra " sweetie are you okay" my mum said as she was putting on her dress " yea I just don't know why he hates me mum I never done anything to him " I said as I took off my clothes " know love I don't know either " she said "okay mum your turn I'll meet you at home I'm going to go for a walk " I said as I walked out of my room. As I walked out I see Francisco standing by my dressing room " you want to know why I hate you. I'll tell you ruin my 9th grade life and I'll never forgive you I hate you Kendall Lima " he said and with that he walked away so I decided to run after " WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT FRANCISCO I NEVER DONE SHIT TO YOU !" I yelled at him as I pull him into an empty room " BUT YOU FUCKEN DID KENDALL YOU FUCKEN CRUSHED ME " he said as he got closer to me "NO FRANCISCO I NEVER HAD BECAUSE ALL I WANTED WAS TO BE YOURS AS IN YOUR GIRL " I yelled at him looking him in the eye " BUT YOU DID KENDALL AND I HATE YOU FOR IT OK JUST LEAVE ME ALONE WILL YOU " he yells as he was about to walk away but I quickly grabbed him by the cheek and kiss him. 

As I pull away I was afraid of looking at francisco " what was that kendall" he asked as he pulls my chin up " look francisco I have always liked you but you never saw me as that I was always like your sister " I said as I look down " I'm sorry kendall that I never saw you like that but I don't so the dating shit but we will be friends okay " he said as he lets go of me and walks away " what was all that kendall" I hear my mum say " nothing I guess I'm not good enough " I said to my mum and walked towards the car " hey sweetie don't say that about yourself " my mum said as she unlocks the car " but its true mum ever since high school I was nothing to boys " I said as I sit down in the passenger sit " awww love you will find him one day " mum said as she starts driving.

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