He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


2. Chapter Two

As school had finished I decided to walk back to my room and chill there.On the way Luke texted me.

Luke: Hey ;)

Me: Hi.

Luke: Come to Starbuck's :)

Me: c u there.

I went into my apartment and grabbed my headphones and wallet.I put the headphones on and decided to listen to some Blink-182 .I Miss You. A very good song.

I walked into the coffee shop and saw Luke straight away,he smiled and points to the table he is sat at.I walk over.

"Hey,"I say sitting down on the couch right next to him.

"Hi Ash!" He says giving me a cup with a chocolate frappichio with cream.

"Thanks!" I smiled "How did you know that this is my favourite drink?" I asked.

"Added you on Facebook."He replied sipping his coffee.

"I know that..." I said. At that precise moment I decided that I was in love with Luke Hemmings.

"Can you play the drums?" He said with a look of hope in his eyes.

"Yeah, Why?" I replied taking the lid off of my Choco frappichnio.

"I'm in a band and we need a drummer." He says sitting with his hands between his legs.

"Yeah, who's in the band?" I say logging into my phone and scrolling through twitter.

"You know the kid that stole your bag this morning, His name is Michael and he plays guitar, and the kiwi kid who sat at the back of math, that's Calum and he plays bass." He  said speaking with his hands.

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