He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


6. Chapter Six

Ashton's POV:

I could her Luke's voice.

"Ash?What Happened?!OH MY GOD ASH!" He sobbed.I felt my shirt come up. "OH MY GOD!ASH WHAT DID YOU DO!?"He shouted.My eyes started to open and I saw Luke's beautiful face sobbing above me.

"I saw you and Michael.." I said but I burst into tears,mainly because of the physical pain but I just wanted him to love me back.

"Ash,I didn't know you felt this way."He said pulling me into his chest for a warm embrace.

"Luke I love you.."I whisper into his neck.

"Ash I love you too,"He said kissing the top of my head. "Don't do anything like this again?promise?"

"I promise."

He tried to stand me up but I was to weak so he carried me to the sofa and sat down next to me.I didn't know what that conversation made us,but it felt right.I leaned over into his side to cuddle in,to see weather he accepted it.He moves closer and I put my head into his large chest.I close my eyes because I feel emotionally drained,and I then feel his lips touch mine.It felt right...

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