He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


7. Chapter Seven

Ashton's POV:

I woke up in my bed with intense pain in both wrists and my stomach.Luke must have put me to bed last night when I fell asleep.I rolled over gently and checked the time on my phone.

5:30 AM

Time to get up.I sat up and immediately regretted it,my stomach flipped and I emptied the contents of my stomach on my bed just as I heard a knock on the door.

"Ash I'm gonna come in ,it's Luke." He said through the front door.Luke walked into my room,put down a backpack and sighed. "I knew this would happen,"He said picking me up out of my bed and cradling me like a baby set me down on the couch. "I'll strip your bed," Luke said disappearing through the door of my bedroom. He returned 2 minutes later with my soiled sheets in the washing machine.He came back over to me holding a black t-shirt with some sweats.He lay me down and took my shorts off and put the boxer shorts on me making me blush.He then pulled the sweats up and tied the around my waist while I was concentrating on not projectile vomiting all over the cute boy who was dressing me.He put his hand on my back and sat me up and pulled my shirt over my head then kissed my hair.He lay me back down making my head spin even more.Luke sat down next to me and I tried to find warmth in his chest.

"You cold?"He asked putting his phone on the coffee table.

"A bit." I said a shiver going down my spine.He unbuttoned his plaid shirt and put it in me,it was way too big but was nice and warm.He went into my room and came back with my pillows and a large fluffy blanket and socks.He put the socks on me and sat down with the pillows on his chest he then spread the blanket over me and kissed my forehead.


I felt a lot better by lunch,Luke had been looking after me all day and had ran out to the Pharmacy to get me some painkillers.He retuned 5 minutes later with a plastic bag in his hands.I still had his shirt on,he had just put on one of my baggy band tees.

"Hi Ash,"He said putting the bag down on the counter.

"Hey"I said dreading the idea of medicine.

"Ash open up"H e said putting 2 with pills in my mouth and handing me a glass of water.

I gulped them down and Luke carried me to my bed and lay me in it.I felt my eyes droop shut.....

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