He Kisses My Scars [Lashton]


1. Chapter One

Ashton's POV:

I woke up to "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance .I Checked the time.6:30,half an hour until breakfast.I pull on a Motley Crue tank and some black skinny jeans with the knees cut out.I can't remember what happened last night but judging by my wrists it wasn't good.Oh,Yeah.NEW SCHOOL.

I go into the bathroom and  put my hair up in a blue bandanna and put my contact lenses in. I checked my phone.No new messages.I put on some black military boots,grabbed by backpack and walked out of the door down to the dining hall for my first breakfast and Greenwood Academy.

I walk into the dining room and grab and apple to eat on the way to class.I walk into my home room and I immediately got tripped up by a guy with bright green hair and a he grabbed my bag and tried to make a runner when he ran straight into a boy just over 6 ft 4", who just grabbed it and helped me back up off of the homeroom floor.

"Hi,I'm Luke."He said giving my bag back.

"Er Hey,I'm Ash."I said awkwardly.He was wearing a Nirvana Tank shirt with some black jeans.His Blonde Hair was quiffed up and leaned slightly to the right,his eyes were as bright as the ocean.He also had a lip ring which he fiddled with while he stared at me.Now I realized.He could see my cuts.I quickly sat down at my desk and tried to stop looking at him.But I couldn't. He was sat right next to me.

After class he tapped me on the shoulder.

"Do you wanna hang out later?"He said giving me a piece of paper with his number on it.

"Er,Yeah."I said smiling a real smile for once.

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