Pregant by him

So Alicias life is hard as hell 1 night she is invited to a works do when she meets a guy her life changes...
Is it for better...or...for worse


2. chapter 2

Alicia P.O.V

I wake up hearing my alarm beeping in my ear I get out of bed and take a look in the mirror I look like death.i go to the bathroom and take a quick shower I hear that my brother is awake he is only 5 and I remember I have to take him to school I rush around putting on a little natural make up and my usual white shirt and formal skirt. I rushed to my brothers (chase) room and get him dress quick then scurry out to the car.i drop him off in his class then rush to work.

I get there with 2 minutes to spare I sit and catch my breath when I look down at the desk in the call centre I see a invite to the work ball they do every year I haven't ever been but this year I must boss thinks I need to socialise more with the rest of the workers,I look at the date and its tomorrow "crap" I sigh under my breath. Work dragged real bad as I rushed out of work to go get an out fit I go to quiz (a formal dress store) I find a beautiful long purple dress that is boob tube and shows a little cleavage,I pay for the dress then leave the shop to go get my brother (he had after school club tonight).we go straight home and I didn't even have dinner I passed out on my bed asleep at 6pm.

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