The Pink Door


2. The Doorway

The gates had rusted after years of neglecting their existence since the crisis.  It wasn’t a mere crisis that we face everyday around the world, no downfall of currencies or increasing poverty with famines and draughts. Actually it simply wasn’t a crisis that our world might imagine of, though energy crisis is something to be considered but the energy crisis in this world was nothing like ours would ever face.

Behind the gates, a dull grey building stood erect like a memento from all those years of hard work and dedication from the workers who spent night and day to light up the entire city. Though the large blue ‘M’ painting on the middle of the building chipped off by the corners, it was still very easy to identify the Monsters Inc logo.

A tiny ball of flame sneaked through the gateway and then into the building in seconds before anyone had a chance to realise its presence in the abandoned building. It was considered as breaking in and a crime like that had a severe punishment in Monstropolis. The orange monster was aware of the security forces near the building that would be sent after him in a few moments so he had no time to spare.

He heard a few footsteps behind him and knew he was being followed. Being as stealthy as he could, he looked at the miniature map of the building and sneaked down the way his father had marked.

Munchy was known for his notorious adventures in the city and he enjoyed them at the same time he knew he’d soon be punished. Thrill was a reward Munchy was after and this new mission of his was a crime in Monstropolis, but though Munchy was scared, he had a feeling he’d find a way of getting out without any suspicions.

The building was quieter than he thought it would be but he knew how to steal through the shadows. Soon he reached his destination though through curbing a few obstacles on the way (like fainting a few security guards with his handmade fart-gun). The room looked dark until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He looked around the room, desperately searching for it.

His eyes sparkled the moment his gaze fell on it.

The pink door.

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