The Mark of the Mafis

Sixteen year old Alaska Quinzel sets off on a deadly adventure in another world after finding out about her History teacher, Mr Albert Edgerton, and what he really is... On the way she must suffer through the most terrifying obstacles: Monsters, New Powers, And the most horrible of all... Heartbreak...


4. Who are the Mafis?

Even though there were only two more minutes of history class left, it felt like forever, I watched Mr. Edgerton very carefully to see if his transformation would reoccur, but it never did. My heart pounded so loudly in my chest for the rest of class, and every now and then Baz would look at me. Everything seemed so strange knowing that my teacher, who I had known since seventh grade, wasn't who he claimed to be. Did Baz know what had happened to him?". Finally lunch came, "Diiiiiing!" I hated that bell, but for the first time ever I was glad it had rung. "You may be excused" Mr Edgerton said keeping a sharp eye on me. I followed Baz out of the classroom and when we were far enough away from Mr Edgerton we began to run. Baz grabbed my arm and dragged be onto the grass outside the building, then he lead me behind a crumbling brick wall. He huffed, and sat down, "Why were we running?" I asked between breaths, I crouched down next to him. He looked up at me "Did you really see a Goslow?" He asked, "What's a Goslow?" Than I started to unload all my questions. Baz answered them with no hesitation, "Let me start from the beginning" he said, "Lomg long time ago, there lived a race of blood thirsty and evil monsters called 'The Goslow' Goslow were a terrible mix of human, evil and and a very ancient bird called a Bonrich. The Bonrich hides from everyone even the Goslow, it can make any Goslow immortal just with a touch of its feather. But the Goslow race wanted so bad yo make themselves immortal they started to hunt it down, if they found the bird the whole world would be over run with these vicious Goslow beasts. Goslow can take the appearence of anyone, but there are only a handful of people in the world who can actually see the true form of the Goslow even when they are in human form. These people are called 'The Mafis' I am one of them and so are you. If the Goslow had realized you were a Mafis you would be killed, they don't like us beacause we stop them from getting what they want, and also we are a tasty race, very filling we are also hunted as prey. I looked at him blankly. "If this is all true than why couldn't I see Mr Edgerton's true form ages ago? Why did I just see it then?" I asked "your powers just started kicking in, soon you'll be able to see Goslows for much longer tan just a second." How did he know I only saw the Goslow for a second?. "What were you doing at my school in the first place?, my gues is you didn't come to learn anything" I asked "I was sent here by The Mafis to spy on that Goslow I didn't expect another Mafis to be so close to it but unharmed." I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. "How do you know I'm a Mafis or whatever?" I asked. Baz took my hand and turned it over to show a strange black sign in my palm. "This is the mark of the Mafis" he said























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