The Mark of the Mafis

Sixteen year old Alaska Quinzel sets off on a deadly adventure in another world after finding out about her History teacher, Mr Albert Edgerton, and what he really is... On the way she must suffer through the most terrifying obstacles: Monsters, New Powers, And the most horrible of all... Heartbreak...


3. The first appearence of the Goslow

"Turn to page 432" announced Mr Edgerton. He never took his eyes off Quinn, neither did Serenity for that matter. I've never seen her so distracted in my life, she stared at him like she was enchanted. I began to glare at her because I felt uncomfortable having her stare in my direction all the time, Quinn showed no interest and barley noticed he just watched every move Mr Edgerton made. There was something between them like they were enemies. Then half way through the class, as Mr Edgerton was facing the blackboard and writing on it with chalk, something strange happened. Right before my eyes Mr. Edgerton changed, just for a second he changed. I could just make out a few details about him as he changed, his skin became as white as paper and his nails as sharp as knives. And as he faced the board the weirdest thing I've ever seen was there on my history teacher's back, a pull string, Like the one you see on toys. I felt my face turn pale and my stomach turn inside out, I swollowed. At first I thought maybe I was just seeing things, but I had seen it so clearly I was certain I wasn't seeing things. I looked to the other pupils in my class to see if they were as horrified as me, but all their faces were solemn. The only person other than me who seemed to notice Mr Edgerton's sudden transformation was Quinn. He flinched and looked around at everyone else, when he noticed me and how petraphied I was, and stared at me. "Did you see that?" He asked sounding surprised. Had he seen this kind of thing before? he seemed strangely calm."Did you see what just happened to the teacher?" He asked again. I nodded slightly and "What happened to him" I said between breaths. "Come to me at lunchhe whispered " I'll tell you"

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