The Mark of the Mafis

Sixteen year old Alaska Quinzel sets off on a deadly adventure in another world after finding out about her History teacher, Mr Albert Edgerton, and what he really is... On the way she must suffer through the most terrifying obstacles: Monsters, New Powers, And the most horrible of all... Heartbreak...


1. Prologue

"Diiiiiing!" The sound of the school bell rang in my ears. History was next, I hated history. My teacher, Mr. Edgerton gave me the creeps, he always looked at me like if he had the chance, he would jump from his squeaky chair and slit my neck with his unusually sharp ruler he always kept on his desk. There was always something off about him and he looked at the other students like they were fresh meat and he was a lion ready to feast. He hated me. Every assignment I handed in was a F and every day was the same, go inside to my classroom, take out my books, sit down and begin on my next failed assignment. I would always do something wrong and Mr. Edgerton would announce it to the whole class. I officially had a reputation for being the one who was always getting Fs, being shouted at in class, and being the dumb one of the history class. "Alaska!" Serenity shouted to me as she came scampering to my side as she always did. Serenity wasn't my friend, she was the girl annoying, blonde, cute, little girl who for whatever reason, wanted to be my friend so therefore followed me everywhere I went. "Did you do our history homework? Mr Edgerton says if we get a good grade we can also have a sweet." serenity was also the teachers pet and instead of acting like a normal sixteen year old, instead acted like a five year old. I ignored her and walked straight into class." Ms Quinzel" started Mr Edgerton, " Your late again." It was going to be a long fourty five minutes.


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