The Mark of the Mafis

Sixteen year old Alaska Quinzel sets off on a deadly adventure in another world after finding out about her History teacher, Mr Albert Edgerton, and what he really is... On the way she must suffer through the most terrifying obstacles: Monsters, New Powers, And the most horrible of all... Heartbreak...


5. Escaping Death #1

I looked blankly at my hand. "H they hell did that get there?" I shrieked  leaping back. "When your powers start to appear the mark of the Mafis also appears on your hand" Baz answered trying to calm me down "it won't hurt you". "I can't believe this is happening!" I shrieked throwng my hands in my face, "am I going crazy?, maybe this I just a horrible trick, or I'm dreaming! This can't be happening". Baz patted me on the back awkwardly, "this isn't a dream this is really happening, but it's ok you'll be safe if you come with me-" Baz stopped mid sentence. He looked up at the courtyard where our eleventh grade history class, had just taken place. "Don't move a muscle" he whispered to me not looking away from the building, "what are you staring at?" I asked looking in the same direction as him, a huge winged man with razor sharp teeth, pale white skin, and white, milky, pupiless eyes was marching out of the building in our direction. Mr. Edgerton. He looked livid and his white fists wre clenched, he was looking straight at us with the look of death in his eyes. "We gotta go" Baz said dragging me by the arm out from behind the brick wall, I was kind of sick of him dragging me everyhere. I didn't quite understand the whole situation but I was pretty sure we were running from a gigantic, mythical, bloodthirsty whatever that thing was, a Grosgow? Gotlow? or maybe it was a Gofgow, but whatever it was, it looked like it was pretty mad at us. I was going to ask where we were going, but I figured I'd just wait and see, I was feeling quite calm surprisingly. This was all definitely a dream but I thought it would be fun to stay and see what happened, this was a pretty cool dream after all, I was being chased by a really dangerous monster, being rescued by a really hot guy, and getting to leave school early!. Maybe I'd stay asleep a bit longer.

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