The Mark of the Mafis

Sixteen year old Alaska Quinzel sets off on a deadly adventure in another world after finding out about her History teacher, Mr Albert Edgerton, and what he really is... On the way she must suffer through the most terrifying obstacles: Monsters, New Powers, And the most horrible of all... Heartbreak...


2. Baz Jettyman

History class was a blur. I sat at the back corner of the classroom, as I usually did, and paid no attention to the class. I spent half of the class scraping chewing gum off of the filthy desk with my ruler, and spent the other half, writing, boring, short stories in my history notebook.

Once upon a time there lived a talking brussel sprout named Vermin. One day Vermin went for a walk but got his cabbage like legs caught between two logs. He was soon found by a bear and was eaten. The End.

i gave up trying to do history work a long time ago. "Mr.  Edgerton" called the familiar sickly sweet sound of Serenity's voice. "We have a new student today" she said. I looked up from my notebook and saw a teenage boy about my age standing in the doorway. He had messed up chocolate coloured hair and deep blue eyes. Serenity gazed at him lovingly. He wore jeans and a light blue polyester t-shirt. He stared at the floor calmly and leaned against the doorway. "Room 118?" The boy asked, looking up at the teacher. Mr. Edgerton gritted his teeth and glared at the boy. He clenched his hands and then relaxed and smiled, revealing his white, shiny, pearl like teeth, "Take a seat" he said through his teeth. The boy smirked at him and made his way to the seat next to mine. Did Mr Edgerton know this boy? He planted himself next to me and glanced up at the teacher, who was now continuing the class "Don't you need a school bag or some school books?" I asked noticing the fact he had no items with him. He looked up at me and smiled "What ever happened to hello?" He asked. I looked at him. He seemed different from everyone else. "My name's Quinn. Quinn Jettyman" he held out his hand. I shook it oddly. "I'm Alaska Quinzel" I said and he turned and face the class. "Nice to meet you Alaska"


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