Angel Lovers


1. What Happened?

Dean: "Cas?"

Cas: "Yea dean?"

Dean: "How did I get here? The last thing I remember is getting ripped to shreds by some kind of demon."

Cas: *blushes*

Dean: "Cas what did you do?"

Cas: "I may have brought you a angel..."

Dean: "WHAT!"

Dean: "I don't believe you!"

Dean: *eats pizza on the table*

Dean: "ugh! That's disgusting!"

Cas: "Now do you believe me?"

Dean: "Wow! I'm not mad I mean I'm glad you brought me back but why as a angel?"

Cas: "Well one reason is it will be impossible for you to die or get hurt unless it's with the angel blade"

Dean: "True"

Cas: "And one more reason"

Dean: "Which is?"

Cas: *Walks closer to Dean*

Dean: "Cas what are you doing"

Cas: *slowly kisses Dean on the cheek*

Dean: "Oh"

Dean: *blushes*

Dean: "Let's take this somewhere else" *smiles*

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