Scuba Diving


1. The Watery Underworld

I move gently forward, over the wild and beautiful unexplored world below me. I'm floating in silence, that only breaks by the sound of my breath. Above me there's nothing but shimmery light, the place where i come from, and will go back to when i'm done here.

Im diving. I'm a scuba diver.


I’m going deeper down, past rocks and dark seaweed towards the deep blueness, where a stream of silver fish waits. As i swim through the water, bubbles burst from my mouth, wobbling like little jellyfish as they raise.


As i swim i sense movements in the water. I feel like i'm not alone, something is out there, watching me. I lightly stop in the water,  now floating gently in the same place. I feel the movements again. I look around in panic feeling my heartbeat is starting to raise. My eyes start to flick from side to side, looking for the mysterious creature. My heart is beating faster than ever before and i'm starting to sweat. I see a shadow swimming behind a rock and first now i notice that i'm in the middle of some kind of valley made up by rocks and corals. I feel something behind me.


It's looking right at me. I quickly turn around, to see a big creature moving fast towards me. I close my eyes in panic. I expected some kind of pain or a feeling, but there was nothing. Just silence. As i open my eyes, there was the front most beautiful creature i've ever seen. It had the most beautiful light pink skin, and a long beautiful tail that reminded me very much of silk as it calmly floated in the stream. It had the most blue eyes i've ever seen. They looked like a portal to another universe.


The fish gently swim around me, and then stops when it reached my side. Something in me takes control of my body as i gently put my arms around the fish. The skin was soft, like a pillow. The fish calmly started to swim forward, dragging me with it. The fish swim smoothly through the water, like nothing was holding it back.

It takes be deeper down the blueness, through total darkness. I can't see anything, i can't even see my own hand in front of me.


I close my eyes as i cling to the fish.suddenly there's light. I open my eyes gently only to see hundreds of lights everywhere. I've never seen anything so beautiful in my hole life. The hundreds of lights where all fish.

They all looked like clowning lanterns on a dark night sky. Under me was a mark of colorful corals that looked like a hole rainbow. I had never felt so alive before. My heartbeat is going crazy as i adore all the many colors.


The fish i was holding on to, now stops and started to swim back, still dragging me behind it. It takes me to the place we first meet.

In the little stone wally, and i gently let go of the fish. It swims around me a few time as to check something, then stops in front of my face. I'm looking right into the its blue eyes, and it's almost like it's smiling to me.


After this the fish leaves, leaving me alone in the stone wally. I still want to see more of this beautiful world. I check my air.

I don't have as much time as i need to see everything, but that's what makes this place so special...

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