Ladybug and Chat Noir IMAGINES

A compilations of fantasies and short stories of the tales of Miraculous Ladybug and Chat Noir.


2. Night Patrol (LadyNoir)

“Hello Purr-incess! How is m’lady?” The familiar cheeky cat greeted the Ladybug, with a kiss of the hand and the wiggle of the eyebrows.

“Ah Chat! Always with the cat puns, ready for night patrol?” The heroine playfully punched Chat’s arm and swung into Paris’ landscapes of buildings with him closely following behind.

Oh, Ladybug. You’re so beautiful, just so perfect.

Behind Chat’s flirtatious attitude and playful cat puns, he truly loved and admired the black spotted heroin. During night patrols, he would always fantasise about Ladybug always sneaking a peek of the beautiful face with every chance he got. By now, the black cat had already memorised every feature of his ‘lady’ and could draw her blindfolded. Her dark hair, blue bell eyes, her smile, her rosy cheeks, her beautiful mind. He was so sure she was an angel without wings.

If only she loved him…..

The thought haunts him like the plague, no matter how hard he tried the black cat would always get rejected or shut down. But alas, insanity is defined by Albert Einstein as doing a certain thing over and over expecting a different result. And Chat Noir was insane about Ladybug, more than anyone or anything in the whole universe.  

“M’lady, if I can get to direct your attention over there!” Chat Noir pointed over to a random spot Ladybug, and quickly grabs a red rose from his suit. It was a trick of his.

 “Chat, I don’t see anything the-“Confusion was written on the heroine’s face as her partner interrupts her sentence and closes her in a tight hug.

“Ladybug, I know you won’t accept this rose and I know your heart does not yearn for me. But my heart yearns for yours, know that every second of the day I am thinking about you. You are beautiful, perfect m’lady. And I will be waiting for you, forever.”

Her heart was beating fast, her breath quickened, her sparkling eyes opened, shivers shot through her body. She was used to the occasional flirting of her partner, but this was far more serious.

How could Chat be this romantic? Where did he get that rose from?!

“Oh chat”, Ladybug sighs and pulls away from the hug staring into the glowing green eyes filled with hurt waiting for a response.

“In the future perhaps.”

And with that sentence, Marinette shyly kisses Chat on the cheek, blushes hard and escapes toward her house marking the end of their night patrol leaving a very excited and hyper Chat Noir.

(At Marinette’s house)


“Tikki, I can’t believe I did that! What was I thinking? I love Adrien, don't I?” Marinette groans and collapses on her bed, very confused and exhausted.

“You listened to your heart Marinette, now get some sleep. You’ve got school tomorrow.” Tikki calmly reassures her.

“Good night Tikki.” Marinette yawns and dozes off, leaving a smiling Tikki fantasising about the whole moment.


(At Adrien’s house at the same time)


“OMIGOD PLAGG SHE KISSED ME!!!!!!!!!” Adrien squealed and jumped on the bed, doing his happy dance. Even though he was quite reserved, he was a total dork. A dork in love with Ladybug.

“On the cheek Adrien! Now give me some food! I’m hungry.” Plagg rolls his eyes and waits for his camembert, but was secretly shipping ‘LadyNoir’.

“Ugh! Here you go Plagg.”Adrien reluctantly passes the stinky cheese, and lies on his back replaying that kiss over and over in his head.


“Yeah, Adrien?” Plagg flies over to his master, analysing the love-sick cat.

“I’m never washing this cheek ever again.” 


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