A Spark of Hope

Short story about something that happened to myself.


1. A/N: Why I wrote this story


New short story, kinda about what happened to myself! These are text messages straight translated from my own language, didn't change a thing.

I started writing this because I thought it would be a way to express myself, to have a closure for myself. It's been 14 months since I first met the boy and I just can't get him out of my head even tho he hurt me pretty much.

So the story is about the way he treated me and then how he let me down without a reason. First heartbreak, all I can say is that it hurts and that you can't express yourself, not in words not with music! And I can go on and on and write a whole book about this but then the story doesn't make any sense anymore so.. haha :-)

This is what happened, this is how I felt.

Also I will update the cover and I'm going to add a playlist + a list of the charachters for you to better understand who who is!




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