A Spark of Hope

Short story about something that happened to myself.


2. 1.


Ashton Irwin as Liam

Calum Hood as Ethan



E: Hi, I suspect Liam has told you already?

Me: haha, yes he said something about it :-)

E: haha :-) I would love to go to prom with you! But are sure of this? Because Liam has arranged it all and stuff… :-)

Me: yeah, you know I’m alone so if you don’t mind..

E: I surely don’t mind! :-)

Me: I always think that people don’t want to go away with me, so I dare not ask people but yeah Liam took the initiative this time :-)

E: Really? Why would people not want to? :-)

Me: Idk, I see myself as a big elephant and so then I think people think so too and that’s why I think so haha :-)

E: You shouldn’t think like that! Come on! You’re so pretty, you shouldn’t be so insecure!

Me: Ooww haha, I’m really happy you want to go with me, now I’m going to try to sleep. :-)

E: I’m happy you asked me, haha :-) Goodnight!

Me: Goodnight! :-)


A/N: This was the first text I got from him! I was sooo happy he wanted to go with me like I remember like it was yesterday! I still cannot explain how happy I felt that day.

Maybe this is boring idk it just helps me to find a way to get over him...



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