These are poems that I write, but I do find some on the internet. BUT I put the link and say if I found them on the internet, so that Im not stealing someone's poems. But yeah, I come up with them, and they're kinda depressing......but I try to add some hope in them....they're somewhat how I feel............


8. Waiting

Waiting for you like a dog waits for its master.

Always waiting.

First patiently,

Then the depression settles.

Next the anxiety clouds their mind.

Wondering. Always wondering.

All of the demons that were locked away,

While their masters' were here.

Are coming out to play.


Playing with their mind.

Their wonderful thoughts.

Are they really worth waiting for?

Of course they are.

They always put a smile on your face.

But then they leave and break promises,

They say they'll keep.



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