These are poems that I write, but I do find some on the internet. BUT I put the link and say if I found them on the internet, so that Im not stealing someone's poems. But yeah, I come up with them, and they're kinda depressing......but I try to add some hope in them....they're somewhat how I feel............


4. Late At Night

"Late At Night"

Late at night. When you can't go to sleep. 

Your demons come out to play.

They crawl out from the deepest darkest places.

Out from the shadows, they come.

Full of envy. Full of lust.

They ready their words of hate.

They sharpen those knives.

They're coming. Can't you hear?

That pounding and growling.

Their footsteps in the night.


You look at your battle scars.

You've won and lost the fight.

You've won to stay alive another night.

You've won because you're still a survivor.

You've won because you've not fallen.

You've lost because you gave in.


You gave into the blade.

Into the knife.

Into the drugs.

Into the alcohol.

Into the words.

Into the pretty little lines.

Into the blood.

Into that uncontrollable desire.


But you've won.

You've won against the demons.

You've allowed yourself another day.

To get back up and fight.

So fight another day.

Fight against the world.

And all of its pain.

Fight against the crowd.

Fight against the wrong doings. 



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