Not a joke

Usually it the twins who pull the pranks. But this time it's Hermione. But is it a prank? Fremione.


2. Bickering

all rights go to J.K.                                  Fred was apparently the only one who noticed Hermione's odd behavior. Probably because he had had a crush on her since he had met her which was kind of pathetic because he had known her for 5 years now. Anyway one day they were walking back from the quidich (spelling?) pitch when he asked her what was wrong. "Nothing" she said absent mindedly "I know it's not nothing because your acting like Ginny was when she liked Harry " he replied. He hadn't realized that's how she was acting until he said it. "I am not" she instantly denied. "Yes you are" he said "fine" she relented "there's this guy I have a crush on but he probably doesn't like my back.                                To be updated. Hey please comment and follow me. Kisses Bye!

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