I hate him, but I love him

Anne is a 17 years old teen who goes to East High. She's not a big fan when it comes to Justin Bieber. She has no reason what so ever for not liking him, but will she change her mind once day when she get to know him? Or is her hated for Justin that strong? Or how can a girl love who she once hated? Only time will tell...


1. Meeting Justin Bieber

Note**(First I want to welcome everyone that is checking out my story right now and I also want to say THANK YOU)


Today when I got to school my friends wouldn't stop talking about Justin Bieber upcoming concert. 'Ah shoot me now' I thought. Since it was released on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, two weeks ago I couldn't get a break. My friends just kept talking and talking and talking about him.

"You're going with us right?" My friend Jessica said. 'As if' I thought, there's no way I'm going to that concert. "No thank you" I simply said.

"Come on Anne you have to come. I heard that all the hottest guys in school are going" this time my friend Melissa cut in. 'Yeah if they're gay".

"Come on...you can finally meet the one" said Jessica. No thank you. I rather stay in bed all day and watch 'Supernatural' or even listen to 'BigBang'. 'Ahh Dean Winchester' I begin to daydream, but it was interrupted by my enemy.

Alice Wilson

"Are you going to Justin Bieber concert?" she said and I pay no mind to her. What. So. Ever.

"Oh playing that game again? Don't worry I'm going on tour and of course I heard Chad sister is going to be there, and you know the drill. Get close with Chad sister and not long, you're be with Chad" she smiled evilly at me and left.

"We're going to that concert" I shouted making everyone in the cafeteria to look at me. "Sorry" I murmur. "What do you mean we?" Asked Melissa. "What I mean is we're going to go on that tour and I'm going to get close to Alex as you guys enjoy Justin Bieber concert".

"Deal" they both said in unison.

The thought of going to Justin Bieber concert was like a nightmare, but the thought of having Chad one day to myself was...how do I put this? Magical?




"AHHHHHHH we're finally here" Melissa and Jessica both screamed together. I had to cover my ears so couldn't go deaf. "Yah can you guys stop screaming? You're going to make me deaf" I shouted. "Sorry Anne we're just soo...sooo...sooo....soooo HAP-" "stop right there" I glared at them.

"Don't be like that Anne. I mean we didn't spent our money on these tickets for nothing so now just losing up and have some fun" said Jessica. "Sure, but first I have to used the bathroom" I lied and ran off to fine Alex.

"That bitch Anne is so annoying" I overheard someone say. So being a 'Curious George' I hit around the corner to hear more.

"I know right Chad. I heard that she has a crush on you or something, like you will ever date that trash" she laugh.

She seems so sweet and nice in school, but now I'm regretting ever coming here to get close to her. 'I guess you can't judge a book by its cover'. I was heartbroken so I slowly made my way to the nearest bathroom to cry.

"What are you doing here? This place is off limit" a person said as I entered the bathroom, or what I thought was a bathroom. "S-sorry" I stutter as the tears I was holding in started to roll down my cheeks. 'Damnit'.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going" I said.

"So why are you crying" he said me.

"I don't want to bore you with the details" more tears started to fall. "You're not going to bore me because I want to know" he said softly coming closer to me.

"Ok" I smile a little as I started to explain.

"You see my friends wanted me to come to Justin Bieber concert and I said no, but then when Alice my enemy told me she was going to be on this concert, and was going to get closer to Chad sister I decided to come too. Chad is the guy I have a crush on...well used to" I said sadly. I continue "few minutes ago I dish my friends to go and look for Alice only to find her talking to her brother about me. Calling me a bitch and a trash and..." I began to cry again.

"Some day right?" He asked with a little smile. "I guess, but the worst past is coming to Justin Bieber concert" I spat out Justin name. The person face when from all smiling to shock.

"Really? Why?" He asked again. "No reason, I'm just not a fans" I said and the guy took of his hat and says "how can you resist this?". I couldn't believe my eyes. Justin Bieber was the person talking to me? I know who will be screaming with joy right now if they were in my place. Melissa and Jessica.

"Oh" I said and he looked shocked again.

"That's the first" I heard him murmuring something like that to himself.

"So you're a hater? I bet I can make you like me right now" he smirk as he came closer and into my personal space. 'Yeah righ-' my thoughts was cut off by his lips on my. I stood frozen for few seconds, but when I came back to myself I slap him in the face and said. "YOU JERK. THAT WAS MY FIRST KISS" I yelled.

I stormed out of the room, but not before I heard Justin saying "wow? That's the first". For some reason he sounded amused?

'Damn that jerk Justin Bieber'.




Sorry about the errors and grammars. This story will be edited when it's completed.

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