Friendly Hollow

Friendly Hollow, a boarding school is about to have their magic opened once more.


2. One, Loralie

Stepping out of the train was a very pretty thirteen year old girl. She tapped her cane to and fro. "Hi, I'm Julia Maxwell. Are you Loralie Thompson?" She asked. Loralie smiled at the woman's voice. "Yes. I'm Loralie. Nice to meet you Ms. Maxwell." She said. "Oh please you can call me Julia. I'm your dorm adviser. You will be sharing a room with eight or so girls. Come, I'll lead you to the van full of kids." She said, taking Loralie's arm. "Excuse me, can I grab your arm instead?" Loralie asked. "Oops, I'm sorry. I keep on forgetting how to guide a blind person." She smiled. "I'm visually impaired." Loralie said, smiling. "How much can you see?" Julia asked. "I can see everything pretty much on my left eye. Everything on my right eye is blurry and vlobby. I know it may not make sense, but yeah..." Loralie said, smiling. "Well, I'll make sure to stay on your left side." Julia smiled. They reached the van then, "Well, you can jump in. I have to drive to the bus stop after another train arrives. We have three kids coming off. Then four on the bus." Julia said.

The van was full after the bus stop. Loralie was chatting with a few girls when the van stopped. "I hope that we can be roommates." Loralie said. Katie, a red haired girl with emerald green eyes and a spontaneous attitude smiled at Loralie. "I hope so too." Katie said, "see you later."

After the assembly, Loralie was guided by a young black girl with two braids flanking her cheeks. "Thanks for guiding me." Loralie said. "Oh no prob. My room is next to yours." She said. "I don't know if I told you, but my name is Loralie." Loralie said, extending her right hand for the girl to shake. "I'm Evangelina. I have a cousin named Loralie." The girl said, shaking Loralie's offered hand. Smiling, the two parted ways.

"Oh Loralie! Yay! We're roomies!" Katie screamed, tackling Loralie in to a warm hug. Loralie smiled, sending Katie a very warm smile. There's a few girls in the room. "Well, I'll do the introductions." Katie said. Turning Loralie, she pointed at a girl, which Loralie couldn't see the finger pointing. "This is my very best friend in the world, Kristina. People call her Kristy or Kris."

Kristy is a very beautiful girl, she has nutmeg brown hair and bright silver green blue eyes. "hi Loralie." Kristy said, smiling. "And I'm Searalynn, that's my real first name." The girl said. She was pretty. Blond hair, blue eyes and very thin, with an athletic build. All of a sudden, the door opened, and Julia popped her head in. "Come on ladies, let's go play some games." They left laughing and talking. Everyone becoming good friends.

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