survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


11. truth



okay so beware .. this is a longer chapter :) like and tell me what you think


1 week later


I think you might be able to guess my mood and it seems to be my only mood since I've been here and that's pissed off. I've been here nearly ten days and there is no sign from my camp yet to come and save me , believe me i have tried to leave but it just ends up with me sulking and a angry harry dragging back to the hut scolding me and I'm on the verge of keeling over or socketing someone in the jaw , hey maybe that lass angel can come by and then i can have an excuse, ' oh ya know she just opened her mouth and my fist raised itself toward her no biggie.' today is also the day they leave to go on a raid so harry has been on alert and tense and taking in out on me . 'rose shut up' or 'its your fault' that one is true tho and i can understand why most of the people here want to kill me , if it wasn't for my people stealing there food and medicine and anything we could get our hands on they wouldn't be in this state , but hey what can you do its survival. Speak of the devil a stressed harry comes barrelling in the hut as I'm seated on the bed filing my nails , yeah i know shocking but no matter how much of a cold personality i have and lack of a girly hygiene i don't want to nearly claw my eyes out every time i go to get sleep out of them. Looking over at me his green eyes seem to soften the tiniest bit as he releases a sigh.


"what's up? I ask casually  might as well ask seeming as the man looks like he's gonna have a break down and wants to hurt someone and that person i don't want to be me. Still studying me for another minute i try not to show my discomfort as how it feels like he can see every secret and into my dark soul but to my displeasure he takes notices and a faint smile tears at his lips.

"everyone's running around stressing about tonight and they keep coming up to me and asking me things that i don't know the answer to and why your here." his answer shocks me as i didn't really think he would reply , maybe this is my chance. Patting the bed next to me he obediently takes a seat laying his back out on the cover closing his eyes so i can no longer see the battle in them.

"well why don't you?" i simply state, wont that be better for him and his camp? One less thing to worry about. If there was ever an intruder back home they breath would no longer be there once id got information out of them, cruel but that's life. Harry tho doesn't seem to be like me and doesn't run his camp like me either. Since I've been here I've notice how polite he is to the people , i never did, he never shouted at anyone, i did , although his eyes are distant his heart is still there to which i lack of.


"I don't want to." what? Eyes still closed his chest labours up and down while I'm trying to mull this over? What use am i ? I don't have any information , it not like they don't know who i am already. Poking his ribs to grab his attention I'm not gonna let this conversation slide I've got to many questions and he's got the answers.

"what do you mean you don't want to?" i say with a bit more attitude than intended tho can you blame me? Finally green irises stare into my own but this time he's looking just how i feel .

"you took something from me so i intend to do the same to you to show you what its like to feel alone and lose the people closest to you." he finally snaps. What did i take from him? Sensing my confusion he scoffs sitting up and lets out a dark chuckle that send shots down my spine. Staring at the wall ahead he looks back over at me and his eyes no longer a light green darkened filled with an emotion i know to well of ; anger.  Rising off the bed he copies my actions but i stay put as he take step forward already in my personal bubble but i need answers.


"what is it i done that makes you want revenge hmm? I don't even know you so it cant be anything personal." and that seems to let of his hinges as he lunges forward taking a tight hold of my arm and pulling me to him. Practically snarling i make sure to put on a mask not letting him know how much pain he's inflicting on my arm that sure to leave dark bruises.

"oh its personal alright , you and your stupid farther at the time came raiding into my camp just like you tried to recently but you didn't just take our belonging you were taking life's aswell." trying to rack my memory of a raid i did with my farther when he was alive i start to remember where i recognise the buildings from. It was when i was sixteen and my dad ordered us for a new raid once again low on supplies while everyone else had gone into the camp guns blazing he and i had been watching a jeep stop out side the gates and my farther didn't hesitate to open fire at there figures not missing and inch and the two , a woman and a middle aged man slumped in the seat gone just like that leaving for us to take the food that was in the car and run. Looking up i go to say something only for him to clamp his free hand over my mouth and shake his head making his curly hair messier than it already was.


"no i don't want you to apologise its not gonna change the fact that you killed my sister. "freezing i quickly blink, sister? My dad has shot his sister and i was getting punished for it. When he frees my mouth i don't miss a beat.

"it was for survival." i say emotionlessly. His head snaps to mine so quick I'm surprised he didn't break his neck stepping closer if possible he looks at me in disbelief and obvious anger tightening his grip to nearly bone breaking pressure.

"survival? What about my sister survival she didn't get a chance at it did she?" he spits practically shaking with fury. Closing my eyes i feel something i haven't felt in years , guilt. Although it wasn't me I've done worse to be so I'm just as bad.

"it was my dad that shot not me , it always been this way to show no remorse otherwise your life might aswell be over." i try to explain. Hearing a sniffle my eyes shoot open on there own seeing him trying to hold his self together.

"why don't i come on the raid and help you guys  and if anyone needs to distract them or be in the firing line let them take me while you guys get out of there?" i offer the only thing i can think of. Swallowing he looks at me again and some of the anger dissolves and his grip loosens , somehow even tho i was partly responsible for the death of his sister he still hesitates and that show how different we are , I'm nothing but a monster.

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