survival (h.s au)


rose is a cold hearted woman doing anything for survival , but when getting caught on one of her raids she didn't expect for her captor 'harry' to be ... so unlike her in more ways than one , but it all matters if she will ever be able to let her guard down and allow her to feel anything other than numbness.


14. pain

​another update , let me know what you think !


Pushing harry forward he doesn't take the hint still not moving his hand from mine.

"harry go! Quickly you idiot" i still end up insulting him as i push him out the door and detach my hand from his strangely making it feel more cold. Turning back to me his face confronts in panic as he sees me trying to go back as people get closer but at least he will be okay. Ill die doing a good deed instead of bad.

"come on rose now!" he try's to step forward but i close the door before he can get any closer , he's safe now. Leaning my head against the wood trying to spare my seconds a dark laugh fills the room but sadly not Harrys as i turn around to come face to face with 2 men with weapons. My hand goes to the knife at my back that luckily harry gave me earlier but i don't think it going to do much use as ill have a bullet lodged into me before i can even manage a single cut. The slightly pudgier one with greasy hair smiles a wicked smile as the other smirks not making any movement to come closer.


"so sweets what are you doing here? "the smirking one patronizes as all i can think about is i hope he got out alright, pushing away the new unwanted concern i direct my gaze to Mr smirks hand which how a small gun but enough to do deadly harm great.

Without much thinking i move my hand to the door  my back rests against and pull hard , just as i stepped out a hand grabs my legs sending me face first to the cold hard floor. Sitting on my knees i feels him chuckle against my kneck and then the feel of a cold metal at the back of my kneck .


"so you think you can steal from us eh? Lets play a game shall we? Each time you don't give an answer ill shoot you somewhere sound like fun?" he flips me over getting back to his feet. I don't bother moving from the floor as he aims his gun for my thigh, there really gonna kill me and in a painful way.

"which camp did you come from?" I'm not gonna rat harry out and put them in danger neither am i to my camp so i keep quit : shot number 1. letting out a scream my hand goes straight to my thigh as red substance practically pours out off me and a searing burning pain blazes Christ.


"shit" i mutter feeling my eyes sting out of pain. Laughing as if they've been told a joke he goes to aim for my head as my sight goes blurry , this is really it I'm going to die off blood loss by getting shot off some arsholes. My eyes closing as i hear shouting and shots but i cant register if its me , have i been shot? Ringing fills my ears as i try to open my eyes resulting in black dots.  Vaguely feeling someone shake me i try to tune in the best i can.


"rose? Rose can you open your eyes I'm nearly at the car." harry? How? A breeze hit me but i focus on his voice. I've never noticed before but it quite raspy and deep quite nice really.

"rose? What's your favourite colour?" colour ... Reds pretty nope.

"mmm ... Blue" i manage to get out. Wincing as the feeling of my hands gets removed from my thigh making me scream out. A new pressure is added but it doesn't take the searing pain away , lifting my now other hand that surely isn't drenched in blood to my mouth i bite as hard as i can into the fist.


"w-what-how?" i practically whisper trying to distract myself. Warmth enguldges my palm as i hear the engine cut. Hopefully i wont lose my bloody leg or life in the process of this , if this is what happens every time i help someone out i think ill stick to being a bitch next time.

The wind nips at my skin as i manage to squint my eyes open a tad coming face to face with a worried harry, he's gonna get major wrinkles if he frowns much longer. Carefully lifting my hand i bring my thumb between his brows and apply pressure making his gaze flick to me. Attempting to give a small smile which I'm sure comes out as a grimace his eyes widen commercially but his lips twitch when i repeat my actions again.


"thank god , where almost there." he mutters mostly to himself. Shouldn't he find this amusing me being in pain? Or leaving me there to be killed the way his sister was? And they say women are confusing. Turning my head to the side a hut style building comes in view and a man dressed in scrubs moves to the side to let us in , well harry seeing as he's doing most of the carrying.

"she needs the bullet out before she bleeds out." he orders sternly and the doctor turn to me with a needle and syringe and that's when i pass out.

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