Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


7. What a morning

Note*** rated M but nothing mature just cuteness plus just want to be on the safe side.

Minho woke up with Taemin in his arms and his cock still into Taemin  so he decided to tease Taemin until he wakes up. Minho slowly started to move inside of Taemin making him goan with pleasure in his sleep. 

"Hmm that's nice" Taemin murmured in his sleep. Minho couldn't go on like this he needed to wake up Taemin so they could have some fun. 

"Taemin? Tae, wake please...hyung is hard and he needs you so wake up" and Taemin was up. "That was fast" said Minho. "Well you did needed my help and FYI I wasn't sleeping so this is you payback" Taemin squeezes Minho cock with his ass and slip out of bed leaving Minho hard and frustrated.

"Payback is a bitch" Taemin called from the bathroom as he turn on the shower. 


"Jonghyun! Key wake up" their mother once again shouted from downstairs. It's like a daily routine with their mom. "Don't make me come up there, you guys have two seconds then I coming up".

"We're up umma" Key and Jonghyun both speak together. "Ok, but just know that you have about one hour because you're late for school" she shouted again. Meanwhile in the upstairs Key and Jonghyun was about to kill themselves when their mother said they have an hour more to go to school.

They were, but they got over it because it was their mother and he will again be bothersome. "Ok" Key said, but the word didn't get to their mother because Jonghyun attack his mouth. Slowly put gently he nip at Key bottom lip making him to melt into his chest.

When Jonghyun pull away Key moan with displeasure because he didn't want it to stop, but there needed to breath. They both panted for air as Jonghyun start to attack Key mouth again. "Mm...hyung we ah...we have to g-nn get ready for school" Key moan out his sentence.

"Come on we have one hour" Jonghyun complain pout his lips and made cute face to Key. "Ok hyung, but I'm doing this just because I love you" Key told Jonghyun as he blushes. "I love you too" Jonghyun said before he attack Key mouth in a passionate kiss.

"Gyu wake up baby" Woohyun said as he turned Sunggyu in his arms and kisses his nose and face and then his mouth. "Morning hyung" Sunggyu said cutely as he kisses Woohyun back too. 

"Love you so much hyung" Sunggyu said as they pulled apart to get some air in their lungs. "Love you too baby. Now let's go get ready for school, yeah?" He said and Sunggyu answer with a "ne" and a nod.

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