Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


8. There's always a first time

Jonghyun (pov)

I love my brother very much and I would do anything for him. I would even die. Summer vacation is coming up and me, Woohyun, and Minho has planned a surprise vacation for our brothers or should I say lovers. We decided that it want be nice to take them out of the country like maybe America or Europe or maybe. Yeah just maybe.

Hearing my phone ring I picked it up and it was Woohyun and Minho calling. I answer Woohyun call first and put Minho on hold.

"What's up Woohyun?" I asked him and his reply was "oh nothing really. I was calling to see if we can go to America for our trip. I've always wanted to go and plus Sunggyu too have been dreaming about going there like literally".

"Ok Woohyun I'm call you back. I just have to check and see what Minho want. I'll call you back ok?" I said. "Ok man I'll be waiting" and the line between us when dead.

"Hey Minho" I said.

"Hey Jonghyun can we go to America please please please" Minho said begging me from the other side of the line. "Ok I guess we're going to America then". "What do you mean. Wait did Woohyun said he want to go too. Yay now I got to go there's something good waiting for me in my room. Bye". Hanging off the phone I said "pervert". Speaking about pervert o have something good waiting for me too.




"Hey Key" I called entering the room and what I saw blow my mind. My Key was wearing nothing, but his underwear. What gotten into him I didn't care so I just attack him. Kissing him deeply he moan out "so you like your little present then?" "like it? I love it" I said smiling and attack those beautiful pink lips of him.

"Key? I want to try something different day. What do you think?" I asked him. "Ok, but what?". "I want you to top this time" I said and he when speechless. (Side note-I just when speechless too).


"What's wrong K you're not saying anything" I simply said.

"..." Silence once again. Oh god I think I just broke my little brother. "K?" And then he was crying. "K did I say something wrong?" and he nodded 'no'. Then what? What did I say to make him to cry?.

"Jongie did you really mean that" Key said with tears in his eyes. "Yes" I said kissing his tears away, big mistake now he when crazy and attack me. "I've been waiting for this a long time" he said with lustful eyes as he kisses me passionate.




Key (pov)

I can't believe Jonghyun just asked me to top him. At first I was shy and a bit afraid that he was just killing, but that fear changes when he said he was joking. I attack his lips and kisses him hard. My lips slowly travel from his lips to his neck. I bite down into his neck trying to leave a mark. I wanted to calm his. I wanted to hold and for him to be mine forever.

"Ah Key. Stop being a tease" he moaned into my ears. Aw it was like music to my ears. "Jonghyun I want you to prepare yourself for me" I said and he obey. Taking off his clothes he lay on the bed and enter a finger into himself. One by one the he kept adding fingers into himself and moaning into a mess. Hottest thing I've ever seen.

"Ready for me?" I asked him and he nodded. I slowly got between his legs and position my cock at his entrance. When I enter him, his hold clench around my cock and his into was like heaven and tight at the same time.

"You're so tight Jong" I push into him and he moan. I can see that his eyes has gotten darker from his usual color. The lust was too much. Fully into him I thrusted hard and he cried my name out. "Ah Key I can't anymore. Ah...I'm going to cum any-" he didn't finish his sentence when he came on both of us chests. I thrusted hard...faster and not long I too came, but it was into him. Kissing him I said "love you". He smile and said "I love you too".





Sorry it's not much, but here we go.

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