Brother of My

Jonghyun and Key are in love, but they are brothers. Will their families accept them? Will their band members accept them? Can they survive society? Yes they can because this is a romantic comedy/fluff with happy ending.


2. The love of my life

"Hey Jonghyun and Key" Woohyun and Sungyu called out to them. When Jonghyun and Key turned around they were greeted by big hugs from their friends. "Hey Woohyun" Jonghyun said. "How are you too Sungyu?" Key asked his friend. "We are find! I mean I speak for me and Sungyu" Woohyun wink to Sungyu and he blushes.

"Don't listen to him guys" Sungyu said still blushing. "I know what you mean too Sungyu, Jonghyun hyung here won't take his hands off me this morning" said Key making Sungyu blushes even harder.

"Hey guys" Taemin and Minho called from behind them. Woohyun, Sungyu, Jonghyun and Key turned around and meeting with to big bear hugs. "Oh hi guys" Key said cheerfully.

"Let me ask" Key started and then continued "Minho couldn't keep his hands to himself this morning that's how you guys are late?". "Hmm h-" Taemin said. He continued, "How did you know?" He asked with him face and ears already deep red. 

"Same here" said Key then Sungyu said "here too". "Hmm guys we're still here" Woohyun said and Jonghyun and Minho nodded alone. "Of course we see that, we're saying this because you guys are perverts. Perverts I tell you. Right guys?" Sungyu said and him two friends nodded.

"Sure sure sure. Come guys lets go" Jonghyun said Woohyun and Minho fellow him. "Hey guys wait up" Key, Sungyu, and Taemin yell behind them but they kept walking. "Oh and hurry class is go to start soon" yell Jonghyun.

"Guy I got to ask" Key said and turn to his friends, "how did we turned out loving our idiot brothers?" He continued. "I agree" said Taemin, "the feeling is neutral. Come on guys lets go to class" and they left.

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